Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nathan turns 2!

I didn't forget about my middle child turning TWO, I just have been a bad blogger. 
It is hard for me to believe that Nathan is already two while at the same time hard for me to believe that he is ONLY two.  I suppose the later is because he has been walking FOR.EV.ER.  Nathan's favorite thing this year has been basketball so that is the theme we went with for his party.  Bubble Guppies has been running a close second lately, thanks to cousin Hadley introducing our household to the Nick Jr. show. 
A bad scan of the invite but you get the idea. 
I love making the themed birthday sign's.  I will probably be tired of it by the time the kids actually start to care about it. ;)
Nathan was so excited to see Matthew since they no longer see each other several times a week due to Nathan and Grant going to a different sitter. 

This was one of my fun ideas that I waited until the last minute to do.  We were in STL the day before the party to do some fishing (another post coming soon) and shopping.  I told Jeff I wanted to find Nathan a jersey for his party.  When Tyler played in his YMCA basketball league Nathan always wanted a "bassetball sh*t" (yep, he often left off the r - we tried not to laugh).  I thought I could easily find a kids jersey and just iron on the name and number...not so easy.  The smallest size I could find in all of St. Louis...I called EVERYWHERE...was a youth XL.  I bought it and after getting home and baths, I completely took apart the youth XL jersey, dusted off the sewing machine and re-pieced together the jersey 2T size.  It was great until I realized I might have been cutting it close on the size of the head hole.  It didn't fit...barely.  Scissor to the rescue!  I snipped a few threads and squeezed it over the Francis size head.  Ta dah!  Why do I do this to myself?  Nathan had forgotten all about the "bassetball sh*t" and it really wasn't cool anymore because Tyler wasn't wearing one.  Oh well, I thought he looked cute. :)

Grandma and 2 of her little men.

Hugs all around.   I promise this really was a hug and not a headlock. 

Grant got lots of cuddle time with Anna.  For the record, Anna and Grant have done a lot of bonding lately!  Anna got to hold Grant 3 weekends in a row!  :)

Krista was busy winning Nathan over with the first present he opened, a new remote control car!  And it is "yell-low" which is at least his favorite color to say.  Nathan didn't care about a single present after opening this one.  Party over - let's go play with the "mote car."

So Hadley helped open some presents.  I think she was disappointed it wasn't shoes.  A girl after my own heart.

We made 48 of these basketball cookies for the party and after everyone left, this was the only one left.  I am pretty sure our boys had about a dozen of them.

We had basketball Halo oranges along with burgers, brats, peanuts and popcorn to go with the basketball theme.  Taco dip too...Jeff thinks it is against all rules for us to have people over and not serve taco dip.  He said it was our play on nachos. 
Nathan didn't care about the cards but Tyler read every single one of them.  Even after the party was over he went back through them and read them again.  He told me he is very excited for September for his party. 
Great Uncle Doug got Nathan this cool new ball.  Uncle Doug sure knows the way straight to Nathan's heart! 

Tyler got some special one on one cuddle time with Aunt Sandy.  He still gets jealous of Nathan, Hadley and Grant on Tuesdays but is getting better. 

This was my attempt at getting a photo of the birthday boy.  He turned his head right as I took the photo so this was as good as it got.  I didn't do the best with my birthday photos.  I was borrowing my dad's camera since I dropped my big lens from my camera.  I actually just got it back from the camera shop today! 

Daddy helped Nathan blow out the candles on his basketball cake. 
Happy 2nd Birthday, Nathan! 
We cannot imagine our lives without your fun personality and crazy cute smiles. 
We love you to the moon and back!

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  1. Love the theme and all of your great ideas!! You're so creative. xo