Monday, November 2, 2015

Tyler's Halloween party

 Tyler's also had a costume parade but didn't get to witness much of it because we, the classroom moms, were getting ready for the party when they returned from the parade. 

The kids were waiting for pumpkin bowling.  

They had relay races to find the pieces to create the face of the jack-o-lantern.  

The kids got pretty into it.  

I loved getting to see the interactions between Tyler and his friends.  
I volunteer each Wednesday morning with Tyler's class for a program called Shine by Nine to help kids read but I don't get to see Tyler much so it is always fun to see his interactions.  He is maturing so much this year!  

Class pic!  

Site word bingo before snacks.  

Snack time.  Parents had brought so many treats that we saved the non-perishable ones for the following week snacks!   

I sure do love this handsome Superman!  

It was a great party!  
The South Point Parent Teacher Committee hosted a Trunk or Treat on Friday evening.  The teachers did a great job dressing up their trunks and welcoming the kids. 

The kids were excited to start their trick or treating!  
Grant was Marshall from Paw Patrol or Nathan's dalmatian as LOTS of people referred to him. 
Fireman Francis had all the equipment; his hatchet, a fire extinguisher and a walkie talkie.  Nathan LOVES his costume.  I am positive it will not be packed away but will be in the play clothes bin in the play room.  
Tyler was obviously Superman! :) 

It is impressive when after a long week of teaching and a REALLY long day with wired, sugared up kiddos that the teachers are willing to come back to see their cuties and hand out some candy!  We truly have the best teachers!  

I have the best boys! : )  

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