Saturday, March 21, 2015

Random December photos

Total randomness from December 2014. 

Tyler had his bi-annual dentist check-up in December.  He loves wearing the sunglasses they give him for the bright light.

Cavity free and looking cool!  He loves that he gets a trophy, his picture taken and a prize every time he is cavity free from the dentist.  Nathan even asked to go to the dentist so he can get a trophy.  I am taking him soon so we will see how excited he is then.  

A random December UPS delivery day.  Smile - we love Amazon! 

Kyle took these photos for us when the boys got in trouble from Jeff one day while at Grandmas.  Jeff was having a hard time keeping it together during the scolding.  This photo makes me laugh.  

Meltdown city! 

Our Tigers had a pretty rough basketball season but we still sported our gear during game nights at home.  

Thanks to Krista for keeping our house well stocked with new MU gear.  Grant doesn't get a lot of "new" clothes since he has older brother hand me downs so we had to take a photo. :) 

The excitement of the car cart is a bid deal when we go to the store!  

Why do they never look at the camera at the same time? 

Santa came to church to give gifts to the kids for doing a great job in their Christmas program the prior week.  Nathan was a bit nervous but made it by himself in order to get the surprise.  Santa oddly sounded a lot like Uncle Frank.  

He had to really think about his answers to Santa's tough questions like who is your favorite uncle.  

Nathan's turn. 

Tyler's turn. 

The boys love having to get the Suburban serviced and we wanted a full checkup before heading out to Steamboat.  The boys asked to get the oil change for several weeks afterwards every time we would pass the dealership.  I am not sure what makes it so fun, but I am glad they play happily during our wait.  

Tyler had ugly sweater day at pre-school and since he didn't have an ugly Christmas sweater he made his own with some foam stickers.  I think it actually turned out pretty cute. :) 

Doing puzzles on a Tuesday with Aunt Sandy at GGs house.  

The boys got REAL walkie-talkies from Kyle, Maggie and kids for Christmas.  Nathan is always talking to someone on them even if the other one isn't even turned on.  Dad taught him "10-4 good buddy."  Does anyone really say that? 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Christmas Lights

We enjoyed lots of Christmas lights during the holiday season with the boys.  

First up was Santa's Magical Kingdom with Grandma and Popo Francis.  

Going through the tunnel of lights.

Tyler was excited! 

Nathan got to ride in the very back with Tyler but didn't want his photo taken.  
Note:  I am not in love with this worn out camo jacket but Nathan calls it his "deer hunting" jacket and wants to wear it EVERYWHERE.  I pick my battles.  

Grant got to get out of his car seat and ride on Popo's lap!  

He was pretty excited! 

A few nights after Santa's Magical Kingdom we went to Tillis Park for Winter Wonderland with Aunt Patty.  It was awesome and I highly recommend it.  

We did both parks on weeknights to avoid the long lines and it is a tip I would encourage, especially with small, impatient children.  

Photos from the car don't do it justice but the Winter Wonderland was really impressive.  

Afterwards, Jeff got us all treats!  
I love all the fun traditions of the holiday season and light viewing will stay on our list! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Francis Family Christmas

After Mike and Jeanne's on Christmas Day we went out to Jeff's parents house to join the Francis crew for gift opening and a holiday meal.  

Tyler was excited for new Turtle Legos.  

This photo was supposed to be of Nathan in his new Turtle sweatshirt jacket (with a cape!), but Tyler slid in.  Nathan was still pretty darn excited an wears the jacket every chance he gets.

This little man was running on fumes with only a short nap in the car between Christmas festivities, but he sure got the enjoyment out of tearing into a new toy!  I love this innocent excitement!  

Tyler got a new Mizzou scarf and was pretty pumped to model it and he insisted on packing it for our ski trip.  

Dad thought maybe he should wear it instead. :) 

Grant could not wait to open his Thomas the Train set from Grandma and Grandpa.  

The boys are just a tad spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa! ;) 

After opening presents it was outside for tractor rides!  
This may be more exciting for the boys than presents.  

Nathan asks to ride the tractor EVERY time we are out at Grandma and Popo's house.  

Tyler is almost getting too big to ride on Dad's shoulders. 

Matt's turn! 

Tyler looks like he should be ready to drive it on his own in a few years. 

I still like him sitting on Grandpa's lap.  Our cautious Tyler is just fine sitting on Grandpa's lap for a few more years too! :) 

Matt and Jenny happy to be outside on Christmas day too! 

Nathan was sad for his 2nd tractor ride to end.  


We are beyond fortunate to have so much family close by so we can celebrate with everyone!  I know I have said it before but the holidays with the kids are just so much fun.  I may be close to finished with Christmas now.
Merry March!  Don't worry...our tree and Christmas lights were taken down in January. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Christmas with the Wood Family

We enjoyed Christmas with the Wood Family at Mike and Jeanne's this (past) year on Christmas morning.  

This was the view from upstairs.  I love that Nathan is looking up at me checking out what I am doing.  It is pure chaos during the present distribution.  

Kyle was spinning Hadley around before the gift opening began.  As if our family gathers are not head spinning enough for a 2-year old! 

Here is a panoramic view of Mike and Jeanne's living room for the festivities.

The Zick Family on Christmas morning!  

Dad got a cool coffee mug that looks like a camera lens.  Wild! 

Grant was ready for a nap but kept himself occupied with my necklace.  I have to admit I was a bit sleepy too with all the Christmas prep and packing to leave the following morning for our ski trip.  

The boys watch EVERYTHING Zach does.  I love their admiration and I love that Zach is such an awesome kid/teenager/young adult to look up to. 

All three boys got new Blue Jay hats from the Harms family.  They have worn them a LOT this winter.  

Nathan was giving Jeff Hadley's Barbie.  He thought it was pretty funny. 

The Wesselschmidts modeled their new headbands.  

Tyler gets some special cuddles with Aunt Sandy. 

This was a good as it got for a family photo on Christmas day.  Thanks to Sandy for snapping it.  

Sandy and Tyler selfie. 

I love catching up with Krista.  
Don't worry - I was not drinking out of the sippy cup - just a holder. :)  

Mr. Sass.  

It was an awesome time hanging out with the fam!  We are so crazy blessed with the most amazing family!  

Next up, another amazing family Christmas as the Jeff's parents.  
Thanks for bearing with me as I constantly play catch up.