Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2 year / 4 month appointments

March 17 was a busy doctors visit.  Anytime you take two kids to be seen during the same appointment by yourself it is going to be busy.  Nathan was getting his 2 year checkup and thankfully NO shots!  Grant was getting his 4 month checkup and several shots. :( 
We arrived a bit early and they were not quite ready for us and there were a LOT of sick kids in the waiting room so we checked in and headed down to the pharmacy for a beverage and a snack. 
Nathan had a bit of a cold and was not happy about Dr. Rudloff checking him out. 

"Mom, why the heck are you taking my picture?"
Nathan weighed in 31 lbs 12 oz (78th %), was 36 inches tall (90th %) and had a head circumference of 21.3 inches.  I didn't get a chart for head circumference but we are usually OFF the chart.

Grant is getting giant fast! 
He weighed in at 16 lbs 4 oz (70th %) and was 26.3 inches long/tall (93rd %) and had a head circumference of 17.6 inches...yep, you guessed it - OFF the chart! 
The boys just must have big brains. :)
I love Nathan's sweet hand holding on to Grant in this photo.  Both Tyler and Nathan are so protective of Grant around other people...not always as protective in the play room with just us.  It is going to be one of those relationships that the only people that can mess with Grant will be his big brothers...otherwise, hands off! 
Dr. Rudloff ordered some lotion for Grant's sensitive skin.  The first one was $550!!?!! and the second was $150 and that was with insurance!  Dr. Rudloff said he wouldn't recommend getting it unless it was less than $50 so I took his recommendation and didn't purchase it!  His skin is not that bad!  Grant's skin has actually gotten MUCH better since that visit. 
Other than some sensitive skin, both boys are happy and healthy and we couldn't be more pleased at how they are growing.  If only I could slow it down a bit! :)   

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