Friday, April 25, 2014

Messy Play Night!

We went to Messy Play Night last Wednesday at East Central College.
Play-doh station was up first. 

Cookie decorating!

Both boys more interested in eating the icing than decorating. 
We met up with Hadley, Brynn and Kellen at the cookie decorating table too!

This sweet face talked the icing lady into another spoonful. 

 Nathan was asking me for more cookie while Tyler finished his swiftly. 

Nathan finished his juice box while Tyler wrote a secret message in lemon juice that could be read when held up to a warm light.

Slime table!

Kyle and Hadley had fun in the shredded paper pit. :)

Cookie face that wasn't too sure about the slime.
Shredded paper fun!  I am still finding little bits of paper around our house even though when we got home I instructed the kids to go straight to the bathroom for bath time. 



Colored ice with objects frozen in them.  Might be a fun idea for the bath tub.

Painting with fake flowers.

Look, dad!

More messy stuff...

Drool boy!
This little man is such a trooper behaving vey well while we cart him to all of his brothers' events. 

Preparing to marble paint.

Shake, shake, shake!

As you can see we had a fun night with lots of messes made.  Much more fun for me that it was not a mess made at my house! ;)  We will be back next year for more Messy Play Night!


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  1. Looks fun! Can you imagine cleaning up the shredded paper out of that gym?!