Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy 102 Birthday Aunt Olee!

If you have never met my great, great Aunt Olee, you are missing out!  She is a phenomenal woman who has and is still living an amazing life.  Today is her 102nd birthday!  Wow!  Can you imagine?  102 years?  My dad, Tyler and I had the pleasure of visiting with her again on Friday and each time is such a joy.  She doesn't see well at all and is very hard of hearing, but she still has all her wits about her.  She is so sweet and asks about how everyone in the family is doing.  She always prayerful and truly brings delight to everyone who is fortunate enough to get to visit with her.  I can only hope that I bring those around me half the joy she does and has done for the past 102 years. 

She was excited to "see" Tyler.

We got to read books with Aunt Olee during our visit. 

Happy 102 Birthday, Aunt Olee!  We love you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Potty Time!

Yep, that's right folks!  Tyler went potty on the big potty for the first time tonight!   We got out the Cheer Me Potty last week when he said the word "potty" just simply thinking we would set him on it before bath to get him used to the idea.  We were not thinking the kid would pee on it anytime soon - remember he is
a boy and only 17 months old!

Elmo Big Boy Potty seat

The Cheer Me Potty
(not Tyler's favorite)

Well, Tyler hates the Cheer Me Potty!  Sorry Uncle Mike and Aunt J (it was part of the potty training gift series).  So tonight, I figured before bath I would not make Tyler upset by putting him on the Cheer Me Potty but on the Big Boy Potty and sure enough - he went pee!  Elation from both mom causing dad to come in and share in the excitement.  Tyler then got excited and we were all 3 standing in the bath room clapping!  I am trying to calm myself down and telling myself that it is just a fluke....a one time deal.  Still, either was a big night at the Francis household.  So sorry for so much info on a little pee pee.  I guess I will have to go out tomorrow and get some potty rewards...just in case this is for real. 

Wouldn't it be so cool?  Part of it makes me sad to think about because that means my little baby is getting so big.  The more practical part of me is thrilled.   So for those of you who watch Tyler at all, you can bet potty seats for the big boy potty will be coming to your home soon!  You know...just in case! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daddy's New Job!

So Daddy started his new job last Thursday at Fox Run Golf Club!  We are so excited for him!  It is a bit fancier than what he is used to but with the new dress code comes a new work wardrobe as well as much nicer accommodations and equipment.  The course was ranked the 7th best in the state in 2010, according to Golf Digest, and Top 5 in St. Louis.  Jeff thinks they still have a lot of room for improvement and will be working to get it moved up in the ranks.  
 Fox Run Golf Club
Check it out at  Congrats, Daddy!  We are so proud of you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

E-Trade Baby

Tyler was so talkative this morning in his crib (usual).  He rarely wakes up crying anymore.  We usually only know that he is awake because we hear him talking or singing to himself.  We have had several people tell us he should be the next E-Trade baby.  Here is a bit of video with a usual morning chat...

Notes to the video:  Tyler sometimes does the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider.  I also had to showcase that he yells/screams because he knows he is supposed to "shhh" and he will say it.  He still loves peek-a-boo and I love the laughter such a simple game provides. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

17 months old, basketball and Valentines Day...

So it has been a bit since I have posted an update.  That is why the title is very inclusive.  Tyler is now my 17 month old growing toddler.  Can you believe he is 17 months old?  Wow! 
Such a little ham!  He was sporting the red and the red socks for Valentine's Day. 

Valentine's Day was a great reason for Tyler and I to make some cookies to spread the love.

We made pink and red icing! 

Let's be honest - Tyler was really not too much help.  He was a great help eating the cookies though!

Speaking of love (really trying to tie this post together)...Tyler's biggest loves are "bassetball" and "bookas."

He shoots, scores and claps.  This happens over and over. 
Tyler was trying to make it more challenging by shooting the bucket and then the ball.  I will have to post video later of his shooting abilities.  Daddy had to raise the hoop already to make it more difficult.  Tyler is pretty good about going around the defense too.  Daddy is grooming his little all-star for D-I. 

Tyler is talking non-stop.  On Saturday my mom and I took him to another Mizzou basketball game and he talked from New Haven to Columbia.  My favorite phrase he says now is "I of you" meaning "I love you."  Melts my heart!  He will also tell you if someone doesn't score the basketball: "Dad missed it."  Gotta love his honesty!  He has also learned to "read" himself his books (out loud).  We think he must be translating them to Korean, because what he says 90% of the time he is reading is NOT English. 

It is so much fun and new words are coming daily.  I really have to start writting this stuff down because as soon as I sit down to type the blog - all his new words excape me. 

Well, maybe next time...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Magic House

Last Friday we helped Daddy celebrate his birthday (it was Thursday) with a trip to the Magic House.  We had a blast!  I am not sure who had more fun, Mommy or Tyler!?!  Tyler is not old enough to appreciate many areas of the Magic House, but he sure found several areas that he L-O-V-E-D!

Magnetic gears that spun around were a huge hit!  He just kept spinning them and watching them make other gears spin.  Fascinating!  He must get this from Uncle Kyle, Grandpa and Daddy because Mommy was ready to go to the next activity. 

Climbing the spiral stairs to the slide.

Going down the slide backwards.

The water play area was his absolute favorite!

Tyler could have played here all day and threw his first tantrum (not fun for mom and dad) when we made him leave.  He was soaking wet, even with the apron-thingy on. 

Making bubbles.  Tyler was not too interested in the bubble room. 

Now we are talking - balls and air!  Coooool! 

Took a break to let someone else play and to check out the view from the top floor!

Back to the balls!  He loved catching them off the blower and putting them back on.  Again, could have been here at this station all day long.

I love this photo!  Tyler does not look nearly as excited as I am, but this was right up his alley. 

Cool musical instruments.

Balls that made music - two of his favorites!

Tyler has only seen Bob the Builder about 4-5 times (to my knowledge) but he ran up to him saying "Bob, Bob, Bob" and even gave Bob a kiss! 

That wraps up our day at the Magic House!  It was nap time for Mommy, Daddy and Tyler when we got home.  We will be back again soon, I am sure.