Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy College Colors Day!

We are sporting our BLACK and GOLD today in support of Mizzou!
Go Tigers!  We are so excited for football season! 
Tyler's jersey has #28 on it and I was thinking in 2028 he could be a freshman at Mizzou - kinda crazy to think about!  For now, we will just enjoy his last few days of being a 2 year old.  I don't want to jump too far ahead. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ahhh...Summer Days!

Since the weather recently has been a bit more normal (not 108 degrees during the day and 90+ degrees after the sun goes down) we have enjoyed many more evenings outside in the backyard. 
Tyler and daddy enjoyed some sidewalk chalk after a tough game of b-ball.

Practicing his letters - his favorites are T-Y-L-E-R...imagine that!

I am not sure how "tough" you can look when you have sidewalk chalk on your forehead.  He sure is cute though!

This was Nathan's first time swinging in the outside swing.   As you can see - he loved it!

I am pretty sure I could spend 1000+ evenings in the backyard with my boys and it would never get old. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's Make a Cake!

A few weeks ago all Tyler was asking me contstantly "let's make a cake, mommy!"  Finally, I caved and we made a trip to the store to get a cake mix.  You didn't think I was going to be patient enough to make a cake from scratch with an almost 3 year old, did you?   I knew Tyler just was looking for the end result - no necessarily the process.  Tyler poored everything into the mixing bowl - cake mix, eggs, oil and water.  He was VERY proud of himself.  He went down for a nap and the cake baked and cooled (I love that he usually sleeps 3 hours in the afternoon!).  When he woke up he was adimit about green icing...but not too green.  So many directions...I am not sure where he gets it from. ;)
After I helped him ice the cake, he was in charge of the sprinkles. 

He used a LOT of sprinkles.  He kept saying "More sprinkles, mommy.  More!"  Have I mentioned that lately EVERY sentence ends with Mommy!?!  It was cute the first two times but the amount of times a day I hear Mommy is enough to drive a lady crazy! 

I love the guilty face in this photo.  At least he was licking the icing out of the container rather than off the cake. 

Mmmmm...this is going to be a good cake, mommy.  (Yep, there it is again!)
Tyler was limited to one piece of cake per day - luckily after three days he forgot about it and I threw the rest out so I wouldn't be tempted to eat the whole thing myself.  Jeff doesn't do cake at all. 
It was all worth it - Tyler talked about making his cake for a few days.  I am still not sure what prompted it, but he was excited and if nothing else I had a fun afternoon with my big boy. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

First Try at Cereal

Nathan tried his first bit of rice cereal on August 10.  It is only August 24 so I am only two weeks behind on my blog posts...I am not sure I will ever be caught up the way these boys are growing and changing. 
Nathan was not too impressed with cereal and we have only had it twice since.  I think he will like it better when I add some fruit in. 

Tyler was digging into and loving his raisin toast while Nathan was skeptical about his breakfast.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Favorite teething toy

Nathan's teething is into full swing lately.

This butterfly/bumble bee toy is his new favorite teething toy.  He can grab it anywhere and get it in his mouth.  I have also been putting it in the refrigerator so the blue "wing" is cool for him.   His Sophie is running a close second to the favorite teething toy.  I wish I would have taken a picture of him falling asleep at the Farmer's Market the other day with two of Sophie's legs in his mouth.   I am still trying to be patient to get a photo of his pearly white (yes, singular...for now).   

If you have heard about the Bumbo recall - fear not - I do not leave Nathan on the counter unattended. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prepared to CRAWL!

Nathan is eager to catch up with his big brother and really start getting into his toys. 

Everytime I put a blanket down for Nathan to play on, I am pretty sure his goal is to find the quickest way off of the blanket.

I place him right back on and he does it again. 

Two days later...  Good form.

So cute.  It is almost as if he is look at me are in trouble becuase it is just a matter of time and I am going to take off! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Field Trip Friday - a NEW vehicle!

Our Friday fieldtrip was a bit different this week - we bought a 2012 Suburban!

Jeff and I had negoiated the deal earlier in the week and the boys got to go with me on Friday to pick it up!  We are the third generation of current Suburban owners (my Grandpa Zick, my dad and now us)! 

Photo: Alison, Tyler and Nathan Francis and their 2012 Chevy Suburban.  Sold by Marcie Politte-Evans.   Congrats and Best Wishes!!
How did the dealership get Tyler to look at the camera but I cannot?

As you can see we still have the truck (and the Volvo).  Not exactly sure what we are going to do with 3 vehicles, but we are never sure how much longer the Volvo will last (currently has 194,000 miles).  We might end up selling the truck to upgrade Jeff from the Volvo into something newer.  Jeff just hates to think about parting with his truck.  Even I will admit it is so handy to own a truck when you have a house.  

With the new Suburban, Tyler's (and eventually Nathan's) entertainment value increased with dual DVD players - one for the second row and one for the third.  We have had to make several accessory purchases with the new vehicle already.  Cargo mats for the entire tan carpet interior floor were a requirement so those were shipped via 2 day shipping and are already installed.  The other purchase we needed Tyler's help for so to Target we went. 

We wanted to get him some headphones so we don't always have to listen to whatever moive he might be watching in the car.  He LOVES them.  We have already made the rule - no movie unless we are traveling for more than 30 minutes in the car.   He can listen to the XM Disney station in the car with these too while we listen to...really anything else.  Let's be honest, sometimes mommy and daddy need a break from the high, squeaky Elmo/Mickey Mouse voices.

We are now ready for tailgating, ball games, carting kids, friends and family around and maybe more kiddos in the future.  So many options and I feel that now that we have a Suburban we will never go back.

We loved the Olympics!

I have loved the Olympics ever since I can remember knowing what they were. 

Our boys the day of the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Olympics. 
I like to think that Tyler has his game face on rather than just annoyed because I am taking another picture. :)
Tyler has been playing soccer frequently (in the house - ugh!)  since seeing 3-4 minutes of Olympic coverage.  He also yells "Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaal" like the famous announcer and it is pretty funny.  Tyler also constantly asked to go swimming with all the swimming coverage on TV.  And just like his dad, Tyler enjoyed watching women's beach volleyball.  :)

I hope to take the boys to the Olympics someday!  Kyle and I were lucky enough to have mom and dad take us to Atlanta in 1996 and it was one of my favorite vacations ever!   The pageantry, the excitement, the competition, seeing world records be set...I will never forget Michael Johnson setting the world record in the 200m and then watching him receive a gold medal and have the Star Spangled Banner played in his honor.  Incredible!  I think there is something so special about the Olympics that cannot be matched by any other sporting event. 

Also, did you see those commercials about the Olympic moms?  Anyone else tear up or should I still blame hormones?  Just two more years until the Winter 2014 Olympics...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Months!

A lot has happened in the last month.  Nathan is on the move.  I wouldn't call it crawling but he is oh, so close.  (Photos in an upcoming post.)  His first tooth just broke the skin today and to put him to sleep tonight a bit of Tylenol was placed on his tooth entry.  Poor little man.  I tried to take a picture but there really isn't much to see...yet.  His tooth didn't stop him from being a pure pleasure to snap some photos of for his 5 month birthday!

Such a happy guy! 
It is a good thing he doesn't talk yet because I am pretty sure that smile could get just about anything right now. 

No patience for sitting still.  "I could probably gnaw on something..."

Looking guilty.  See the drool mark on the chair?

So many captions I could put here.  I will refrain and let you make up your own. :)

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Nathan!  You are such a blessing!
  • Nathan has just moved to size 3 diapers.  They might be a bit big but I figure it is better than too small. 
  • We tried cereal last week (I am way behind with blog usual) and it did not get rave reviews.  More on that later.
  • Nathan has been sleeping like a champ.  I have really been working hard to keep him up until 9pm or so and then he sleeps until around 6:30am which is perfect.  I have time to nurse him and then if I am working that day it is off to the sitter. 
  • Nathan is grabbing for EVERYTHING!  I can no longer eat anything with him sitting on my lap... or check the iPad...or wear my hair down.  Everything gets pulled on by those tiny hands and goes straight for the mouth.
  • Nathan loves, loves, loves his toes! 
  • He has figured out a way to roll, wiggle, squirm to get what he wants and usually doesn't stop until he runs into something. 
  • He is wearing 9 month PJs but those are now getting to tight length wise so I am going to have to get out a different bin tomorrow and pack/unpack more baby clothes.  I feel like there is constantly a bin in the middle of his room.  As for onesies, he can still wear 6-months but 9 month are looking a bit more comfortable. 
  • Nathan is such a lovable, easy going, happy kid.  He loves his Sophie, his teething toys, watching Tyler and being talked to. 

Shower for Baby Zick

Baby Zick will be here before we know it and I can hardly wait!  I am so excited to meet our new little niece or nephew.  Maggie's sister, Tanya, hosted the baby shower at her beautiful new home a few weekends ago.  Baby Zick should be ready to go now.  Hopefully Kyle and Maggie are too! :)

Maggie looks great! 

Baby Zick's furniture!

Tanya got super crafty and made this cute diaper cake.  We had a duckly theme for the shower. 

We had guests bring books instead of cards to build up a library for Baby Zick.

I love this quote and think it is so true.
"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." - Emilie Buchwald

Food and friends

Nathan got some special attention from GG Zick.

Krista was happy to get some Nathan time in.  Her arms were probably burning from holding this sleepy little man. :)

Nathan got to visit with some of his girlfriends at the party.  Hailey and Nathan are only three days apart.  

We are so excited to meet you, Baby Zick! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun at the Fair

The Washington Town & Country Fair is an annual event that we have been going to since we could walk.  It is no exception for our boys.  They braved the heat to have a little fun.

Tyler was not impressed with this ride before it started moving.

A little better...

It is a bit hot out here to ride this little train...

Daddy had the day off to spend with us too!  Nathan and Daddy stayed in the shade and tried to stay cool. 

On to Agriland - Tyler's favorite! 

Talking through some scenario.  I love his imagination!

A little corn mixed with sweat. :)

A bit of fair food and we were headed home to cool off and take naps!  Have I ever said how much I love that my boys currently nap at the same time - usually for at least 2 hours!