Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt #1

We had a beautiful day on Saturday, April 12.  Perfect for our first Easter Egg Hunt of 2014! 
This handsome mad was ready with his basketball basket.  I quickly grabbed these from the basement storage room on our way out the door. 

Tyler waited patiently for his group (4-5 year olds) to go. 

The rule was they only wanted kids to get 6 eggs so everyone could get some.  Nathan got his 6 and was ready to go. 

Showing me his loot.

Grandma helped Nathan empty his eggs.

Tyler was out in front picking up eggs fast and furious. 


Tyler and his friend from school, Ollie, compared their haul and opened their eggs together. 

Nathan was content to sit and watch. 
I promise Nathan does not drink coffee but he does love his "little latte" cup, as we call it.  He is also in LOVE with this ambulance that Grandma Francis gave him the night before.
Grant was content and happy in his car seat while the big boys had all the fun.  Best. Baby. EVER!

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