Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

We attended the same Easter egg hunt we have for the past few years seen here and here.  Lucky for me, Grandma was able to join us and help with the boys as they were hunting eggs in different age groups, 1-2 year olds and 3-4 year olds. 
Yes, I realize this is probably the scariest looking Easter bunny EVER!  My boys didn't seem to mind...or to be too enthused about having their picture taken either.

Tyler enjoyed the bubble wands at the carnival before the egg hunt.  The sawdust is a great idea so the asphalt parking lot does not turn into a skating rink with small children.

Tyler's favorite is the giant parachute.
Can you tell he is excited?

Grandma helped Nathan give it a try but he was none too impressed.

Admission: I had allowed my photo card to fill up so this was my last photo right before the egg hunt.  #mommyfail
Nathan was either scouting out the field or just simply making another funny face. :)
I will follow that up by it might have been next to impossible to keep up with Nathan, prevent him from getting run over by bigger kids and encourage him to collect eggs all while taking photos.  To be honest, I could have cared less about how many eggs he got.  It is crazy to see parents in the 1-2 year old age group "hunt" eggs.  Nathan got 4 ALL by himself and we were both perfectly happy with that amount.   Grandma hunted with Tyler and being the egg hunting pro he is, did awesome.  While it was obviously a bit chilly and wet out (hence Tyler's boots) we had a great time. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Visit to the Firehouse!

Several weeks ago, we got to spend a Saturday morning at the Washington Fire Department Headquarters.  The Parents as Teachers group put it together and we are so glad we were able to attend.  It was an educational and fun morning!
We started out by meeting in the kitchen/break room for a bit of STOP, DROP, COVER (your face) and ROLL education/practice.  The kids also got to sing a modified version of Wheels on the Bus/Fire Engine. 
The firefighter showed us all the gear he has to put on in preparation to fight fires.  A cool fact is that they have to be able to put on everything in less than 2 minutes.

Then the kids got to go upto the firefighter and touch him so if they ever have to encounter one in a situation when they may need help they won't be scared of the firefighter.   Tyler was in awe.

Dad and Nathan were watching Tyler interact with the firefighter.
We got to see some cool things on the fire engines work.  Check out Jeanne in action in the background.  Good work, Jeanne! 

Someday, maybe I will get a normal smiling photo of both boys...

Tyler was checking out everything in the fire engine out. 
Nathan has some funny faces!

Tyler was ready to drive!

Nathan wanted in on the action too!

Very serious. 

Tyler put on the firefighter's hat and it was so heavy he barely could hold his head up and wouldn't look at me for a photo.
After a tour of the Fire Department Headquarters, a lesson for the kids and checking out the trucks, the boys got badges, hats, coloring books, pencils and bookmarks. 

They were excited about their new gear and the fire hats are still a hot item in the playroom.

I love this photo of the boys!
It was an awesome trip to the firehouse.  Thank you to all of our volunteer firefighters in Washington!  We are very lucky to have an awesome and highly qualified fire department. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Our new cousin/nephew, Matthew Ryan Risley!

We have a new cousin/nephew!  Matthew Ryan Risley was born just two days after Nathan's first birthday, March 18, 2013.  We are so excited he is here!  We know Jenny and Ryan are thrilled with their new bundle of joy!
Matthew has a LOT of hair!  Look at those little fingers!
So sweet!

These two were waiting on their turn to hold Baby Matthew!

They were so excited!

In awe!

Tyler looks so proud in this photo.

The happy family: Ryan, Matthew and Jenny.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Party and Presents!

Another birthday post...

I had felt a little bad as I hadn't gone all out for Nathan's 1st birthday so I made some decorations including the first 11 months worth of monthly photos. It is so fun to see how our little man has grown.  I will have to compile them all in another post later on.  I also got to use the Cricut Jeff got me for Christmas.  I really want to be more crafty but it takes so much time...  

The "theme" was pretty simple...blue and green with a touch of dinosaurs thrown in.  Tyler found these cheap blow-up dinosaurs at the dollar store which is my kind of party decoration budget.  :)

We fed everyone Papa Murphy's pizza and the crew ate most of the 10, yes 10, pizzas we purchased.  Of course, we had cake, cupcakes and ice cream too.  It was easy, fun and pretty tasty!

Tyler was ready to party long before it was even close to time for family to arrive. 

Tyler wanted to get every one's attention to open presents.  Nathan was ready to go and didn't care if anyone was paying attention. 

Erin walked in with a new book with FLAPS and Nathan was so excited.  While Nathan is not quite as into books at Tyler is yet, he will sit still and look at books for 5 minutes or so at a time which for a very busy 1 year old is a LONG time.  Trust me, it is wonderful!

Of course, Tyler had to show Nathan and Mommy how the truck works.

This little guy is definitely my child.  Look how excited he is to find cold, hard cash in his birthday card!  Nathan's college savings account did quite well for his first birthday.  Thank you everyone!  Nathan didn't really get any new toys from mom and dad.  Jeff was pretty strict that we have plenty of toys and we could just write him a nice check for his 529 account.  Someday he will appreciate it...and the the interest it earns over the next 18 years!   That is what happens when you have a frugal dad and a finance minded mom.

A new BALL from Grandma and Popo Francis!  This one really is pretty cool as it lights up when you throw it.  Nathan plays with it a LOT!

Tyler was right there to help Nathan open gifts.  "This is how you do it, Nathan."  How many times will we hear that phrase over the next umpteen years?

Great Aunt Nancy handmade this sign for his room.  I love it and think it is so special.  Thanks, Aunt Nancy! 

New Cardinal gear from the Harms Family! 

Nathan is so blessed to have so much family to spoil him rotten.  We really appreciate all the gifts! 

Happy Birthday, Nathan!  You are a busy, inquisitive, quiet, sweet, busy, smily, happy, busy little boy (did I say busy?)!  We love you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's have cake and eat it too!

Nathan's favorite part of his birthday party may have been being able to smash/eat the cake all by himself. 
WARNING:  There are a LOT of photos and I promised I even scaled them back quite a bit.  I just couldn't resist.  You only get to smash your first birthday cake once, right?  
Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday dear Nathan!  Happy Birthday to you!  We had everyone wearing the silly party hats too...it wasn't just me.

Tyler was so helpful in blowing out the candle as Nathan was pretty clueless.

Nathan sure knew what do do with the cake though. 

He was so excited. 

This smile melts our hearts.

Get after it, Nathan!

Tyler was VERY concerned that Nathan was making a mess and since none of the grown-ups were doing anything he brought Nathan a napkin.  "Nathan needs a napkin" was heard several times during the cake event. 

Nathan didn't care about a napkin...at ALL.

This is why I chose a chocolate cake...it shows up so well for photos! 

"I think I am going to have a tummy ache later."
Needless to say Nathan had to take a short absence from his party to take a bath.  I was amazed at how much chocolate was able to go up a 1-year olds nose.