Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tyler's 5th Birthday!

First of all, I am over a month late in posting.  Yikes!  
Second, how in the world do we have a 5 year old?  Time needs to slllloooowwww down!  

Tyler asked for a Power Ranger party so we were happy to oblige. 
This was his invitation.  He was very excited with them.  Thank you Etsy!  You can find the Esty shop owner here.

Tyler opened up his first gift the morning of his birthday.  A blue Power Ranger set complete with mask, belt attachment to hold his power cards and a Mega Force thing-a-ma-jig (pretty sure Tyler would correct me on the terminology).  He was thrilled! 

He even let Nathan try it on with his undies.  Grant was excited too!  
I promise we really do put clothes on our kids...sometimes.  :)

These two helped me add sprinkles to the blue "Power Ranger" cupcakes before the party!

Schnucks didn't have a Power Ranger cake option so luckily we found some Power Ranger candles at Party if it mattered.  

Tyler requested that since there are 5 of us and there are 5 Power Rangers that we are each a color.  He picked the colors and here are is reasons.  Dad is red because he is the leader.  Tyler was blue because the blue guy is smart and he likes blue.  Nathan was green because that is the other guy.  Mom was pink because she is a girl and Grant was yellow because that was the left over color.  Tyler was concerned that people would know that the yellow Power Ranger is a girl.  I reassured him that I didn't think Grant would mind or that most of our guest would know...or care.  

The happy Power Ranger family.

After looking at the prices for Power Ranger shirts of $28 each, it seemed a bit much for a one time wear (for most of us), I decided I could make them with some basic shirts and some black and white fabric.  I am happy to report that I made all 5 of our shirts for about the cost of one that I would have purchased.  #thriftymom 

Several late night spent making shirts and messing with a jammed up sewing machine.  Thanks to Aunt Patty for allowing me to borrow hers when I just needed to finish these silly shirts.  

After cake it was time for presents! 

And beer! 

We are excited to play this game...although I am nervous I won't get it. :) 
It is a kid programming game - "Introduces Basic Coding Concepts to Preschoolers." 
I am pretty sure this kid is going to be smarter than us by the time he is 10! 

Uncle Kyle got caught playing with the Power Ranger. 
Notice the teeth marks on the coffee table.  I am pretty sure we are going to need all new furniture when our kids get old enough to stop destroying it. I wonder what age that will be...;)

Brody and Aunt Patty got some cuddle time in. 

Hadley was intrigued with the Power Ranger too!  

I did a horrible job of documenting the party decorations during the party. Jeff and I put this up a few nights before the party and Tyler and Nathan were SO excited when they woke up.  It was 7 feet tall!  Best value decoration when you measure value based on birthday boy excitement. 

I am sad Jeff and I didn't get a photo with just Tyler, our first baby, on his big birthday!  
We were so fortunate to have Jeanne take photos of the boys!  We even got a family photo!  I need to share very soon!  

Tyler's birthday was a wonderful day, surrounded with people who love him a whole bunch!  He was truly thankful for everything and told Jeff and I as he went to bed "Thank you for a great birthday.  I love you!"  Seems consistent that on his birthday we got the Best. Gift. Ever!  I am confident that 5 years ago when we had Tyler while we were excited to be parents we had no idea that we would love being parents as much as we do.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hadley turns 2!

We celebrated our niece/cousin Hadley's birthday earlier in September.  Her birthday is on the 24th but Maggie and Kyle wanted to celebrate before Grandma, Popo, GG and Grandpa took off for their European vacation.  It is hard to believe she is already 2!  

Growing girl! :) 
Dinner was super yummy!  

Tyler was attempting to play tennis with Uncle Kyle. 

These two are pretty good about playing together...most of the time.  The rest of the time they argue like a brother and sister...or cousins. :) 

The Zick Family! 

The fire intrigued Hadley so much she almost ate it when it came time to blow out her candles.  

Cupcake time!  
Can you believe this girl doesn't like ice cream?  I am not sure we are related.  

This is my child - a little cupcake and a big scoop of ice cream!  

Opening presents! 

I am not sure Hadley was crazy about our gift of a kids cookbook and apron, but I sure had fun making a girly apron.  I have really enjoyed sewing lately (well...before my sewing machine jammed up and I don't know what is wrong with it) and wish I had more time to do it.

Reversible too!  Maybe she can use it for a cooking with Aunt Ali video. :) 

These three were up to no good.  
Grant's pants were a bit big...oops! 

New Frozen backpack and clip on earrings. 

She sure is growing up fast!  

Happy 2nd Birthday, Hadley!  We love you! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was all the buzz several weeks ago.  The Francis household was no exception.  

Dad was up first. 

Tyler was next. 
Tyler was really into it.  He would look at Facebook with me and would ask me to scroll though my feed until he saw a video and would say "Let's watch them dump water on their head, Mom!" 

Jeff pretended that it didn't record and had me do it again...I was not thrilled, nor did I save the second video that we ended up not needing.  Rude! 

Nathan was not as excited about it, but was a trooper.  Tears were shed afterward and an unnamed older brother told him "suck it up, Nathan."  

This was fun and also a great reason to have a conversation about giving money to people who are sick and need help so doctors and scientists can try to help make them feel better.  We donated money and hopefully helped raise more money with several challenges.  We loved getting videos from Grandma and Popo Zick, Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Mike, Aunt Susan, Aunt Patty, Hadley, Uncle Greg, Uncle Ryan and lots of friends on Facebook.  

I am pretty sure Uncle Kyle never accepted the challenge...just to make sure we call him out one more time! ;)