Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Preview

Last weekend we enjoyed a Halloween Party held at our church cemetery.  The "party planning committee" did a nice job and it was a fun night.  There was a trunk or treat, a scavenger hunt through the cemetary, a spook house built by the youth group and lots of good food and fellowship.  They also showed a movie outside on the projection screen, but the Cardinals were playing baseball so we couldn't stay...priorities!

Scavenging through the cemetery.  Tyler was very focused on reading the letters off the tombstones to us...such a nerd! ;)

On the move with his "bucket."

More Halloween fun to follow...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday, we headed to the pumpkin patch to have some fall fun.

Tyler was ready to go!

Tyler started off the visit by playing in the corn.

So happy!

Next it was on to the hay maze with slides! 

....and tunnels

...and more slides.  Tyler went on slides I am not sure how many times - a LOT!

This one was really big and fast!

No fear!

On to the pumpkins and attempting to get a photo with a two year old - how do people do it?

Still not cooperating..

Photos or not, we had a good visit to the pumpkin patch.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

100th Homecoming at Mizzou!

Several weekends ago (sorry for the delayed post) we enjoyed a great time back at Mizzou for the 100th Homecoming celebration! 

We were waiting for the parade to start at Tiger Plaza.  It was the perfect place for some photo opps.

Grandma walked next to Tyler who loved the challenge of walking on the wall.  Why do little boys like to climb so much?

Love this photo with the Tiger.  Cornell Hall is in the background.  I spent a whole lot of hours in that building - it is the business school at Mizzou.

Marching Mizzou kicked off the parade with the fight song.   Tyler knows it!  It was the natural progression...after you learn your ABCs, you learn the Mizzou fight song, right?

Enjoying the parade with Grandma.

Happy 100th Homecoming!

Krista and Tyler watching the parade.  It is really too bad this kid doesn't get any attention. ;)

Next it was on to the Kappa house to meet up with some of the girls.

Katie, Kelly and I took a moment to pose for a photo with our boys, Jonathan, Jackson, Henry and Tyler!

Sara, Me, Courtney, Cate, Emily, Suzie, Katie and Kelly took a moment to pose in front of Kappa. 
Just like the good 'ole days.

Tyler made himself at home on the front lawn running around and playing football. 

Daddy finally showed up at the tailgate after hunting that morning with Uncle Kyle at the farm.  Tyler was excited to see him.  Tyler may have had too much time with the girls. :)

The Tigers were victorious 52-17 over Iowa State. 
It was a perfect Mizzou Homecoming!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Boy!

For those of you not on's a BOY!  I feel better talking about "him" rather than "it."   Seeing his sweet little face on the ultrasound made it seem so much more real for Jeff and if the constant kicking isn't real enough.  It was such a relief to hear that everything is just as it should be.  The ultrasound tech said that we have a very active little boy - he was moving all around!  At the start of the ultrasound, he was transverse (meaning he was laying sideways) and by the end he had turned breach (head up and feet pointing "out").  We still have time for him to turn around and that is our hope.  Our doctor has given me the okay to attempt to deliver "normally" instead of automatically scheduling a C-section.  We had to have a C-section with Tyler as his heart rate did not agree with contractions.  Obviously, we will do whatever is necessary for a healthy baby (and mommy).   Several people have inquired if I gained any weight yet...I sure feel like it although they did not weigh me yesterday for the ultrasound.  I go back in 2 weeks so I will know then.  The baby is growing great so I am really quite pleased with the loss as I am sure it will catch up in no time.  We may actually get to move up our due date a bit.  Our due date is supposed to be March 10 but the baby was measuring March 1.  How they know a difference of 10 days, I am not sure...again, we will see what the doc says.

We got the thumbs up from the little guy during the ultrasound too (I wish I had picture)!  It was precious and I can hardly wait to hold this little man and cuddle with him.  I love my BOYS! :)
Life is good and we feel very blessed. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Half Way!

Today marks 20 weeks until the due date of Baby Francis #2!  I have been feeling better recently - thank goodness, but at my last doctors appointment (18 weeks), I was still losing weight.  I told our doctor not to worry, I am sure I would catch up in no time!  I even asked the doctor to check again, because this bump sure is getting bigger.

We go on Monday to get the big checkup ultrasound and I am so excited to find out if this one will be a boy or a girl (pending cooperation).   I have been working to transform the guest room/my other closet to a room that can house a baby.  It is a disaster currently! 

Vote on whether you think this baby will be a boy or a girl! 

What will the sex of baby #2 be?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tyler 2 Year Photos

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Aunt Jeanne?  Well, I do.  We are so lucky to have a family photographer to capture our little man so often.  I was almost a month late in getting Tyler's two year photos taken...I know, I know.  I am horrible mother! :)

Well, it was worth the wait although it makes me not want to wait so long next time.  I love the new photos!  It was a perfect fall afternoon.  The Cardinals are in the playoffs (hence the Pujols jersey) and the leaves are falling off the trees.  I just love the way Jeanne was able to capture Tyler's many expressions and his personality absoultely perfectly.  Out of all the photos she took, these are some my favorites.

Love the fall colors and trees in this one with his little jersey.

This is so Tyler's personality!  Just walking along, probably singing a song...

You may think he is holding a baseball bat but it was actually one of the wires anchoring the electric poles.  Safe, right?  Anyway, I think for photo purposes, we will just consider it a baseball bat. 

Love this expression!


Jeanne calls this "dramatic lighting."

Ahhh...just another day of being cute.  It is rough being two!

Can you tell I love these photos as I had a hard time editing which ones to share?  I just love so many of them.  Let me know your favorites!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mizzou Homecoming this Weekend

Homecoming is tomorrow at Mizzou!
I hope to have another post dedicated to our day in good 'ole Columbia.

Check out this video from YouTube!
Get excited and GO TIGERS!

Zick/Wilson Wedding Reception

Enjoy more photos from Ross & Julie's wedding. 

Jeff is such a great daddy.  He read to Tyler before the wedding party arrived to keep the little man happy and occupied.

Barb, Julie's mom, did an awesome job of decorating - very cute!

Tyler couldn't wait to break it down on the dance floor.  He looks a bit scary here.

Welcome to your party, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson!

Julie had this great I-Spy game that was on cards where you were supposed to attempt to capture photos of the evening including the bride playing with her ring.  I cheated a bit and staged some of the photos.  The I-Spy card didn't manage to make it home with us but it was a fun project throughout the night. 

Uncle Stu lovingly telling Julie and Ross how happy he is for them. 

Cheese!  We were supposed to get a table photo for the I-Spy game.  Jeff elected to take the photo.  Notice Tyler's multiple drinks thanks to the sippy cups. 


Jenny making her MOH speech.

Sophie and Tyler chased each other around the dance floor for quite a while.  A unique event happened while they were "dancing."  Tyler laid down on Sophie to give her a kiss...yikes!  I didn't get a photo because I was laughing too hard.  The wedding party was cracking up and cheering.  Not so aggressive Tyler! 

Such cute name cards.

The Dessert Table! 
Julie had a cute idea to have family and friends make different desserts in addition to the wedding cake including pies, cookies, cupcakes, etc.  I was in love!

The bride and groom holding hands.  Yes, this too was in the I-Spy game.

Tyler crashed pretty early in the night due to a short nap before the wedding and using lots of energy dancing.

I was prepared for the early night and had Tyler's pillow and some blankets in the car. 

Stu and Julie

Julie found her ring bearer napping in the corner and thought it looked like a great idea. 
What bride is willing to get down on the floor like this? 
I love this photo!

I am not sure who took this photo with my camera (probably dad). 
It was a fun party!

Congratulations, Julie (and Ross)! 
Julie enjoys a cocktail for me! :)

We are so thrilled for Mr. & Mrs. Wilson! 
We wish you a lifetime of happiness and appreciate you including us in your special day.