Saturday, June 29, 2013

Field Trip Friday: Monkey Joes

Field Trip Fridays are back again this year. 
Aunt Patty and Zach joined us on a trip to Monkey Joes on a rainy Friday the last day of May.  My kiddos LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Monkey Joes. 
This was a very rare moment that both boys were in the same bounce house and playing together. 

Nathan was so excited to be able to climb and NOT get in trouble! :)

He was in heaven!

Tyler climbed up the stairs/rope and slid down the big slide more times than I could count.  He was working so hard he was sweating and he came running over to me asking for a drink. 

I am pretty sure there was a permanent smile on his face...until I told him it was time to go.
No obstacle course was a match for Nathan!


This was taken with my phone and a bit blurry but I love how Nathan is just watching the little girl jumping.  He was literally getting bounced around by the other kids and giggling. 
It was the perfect rainy day, kids need to burn off some energy, field trip. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wesselschmidt Wedding

Over Memorial Day weekend my cousin, Erin, married a good friend of ours, Jeff Wesselschmidt.  It was such a fun celebration!

Warning: There are a LOT of photos! 
Tyler with 3 of the 4 Wood girls at the rehearsal. 

Paul giving a great speech at the rehearsal dinner!

Nathan was getting sleepy on Popo's lap.  

Hadley and Tyler enjoyed some time on Kyle's lap. 
Wedding Day!
Three good looking guys: Zach, Tyler and Kyle!
Nathan was looking sharp too!

Erin was beautiful and Jeff couldn't take his eyes off her. 

Pretty bridesmaids all in a row.
Family members look on...

At least Krista has the happy, lovey dovey smile on her face. ;)

Tyler was well behaved during the service and read a good portion of the hymnal.

Grandma kept Nathan happy with fruit snacks and a drink during the service. 

Uncle Kyle helped wrestle Nathan after the wedding was over.

Krista and Zach watched Tyler be entertained by a game on Krista's phone.  Kids and technology these days...just as bad as the adults!
I love this photo of the very photogenic Wood girls (minus Erin) and Tyler. 

Beautiful bride and her ring bearer (not looking at the camera).

Good looking wedding party.
Jeanne took this photo of Tyler and it may be one of my favorites of the day.  Silly boy!

After photos everyone was ready for a beverage.  Tyler and I refrained from beverages of this nature.  A big thanks to Grandma and Popo for taking Nathan home to rest so we could have fun on the party bus!
Tyler was so thrilled to dance on the coolers in the center of the bus. 
 A brief clip of Tyler's dancing.

I love this little guy who is growing up too quickly!

Jeanne staged these awesome group shots that I just followed behind and snapped a few photos.  Jeanne, you are amazing! 
Notice Tyler's hand on his hip...the kid cracks me up!

Kasey and Tyler.  Tyler obviously needs to take some photo taking tips from Kasey. 

Will Jessie and Adam be next to get hitched?

There there is innocent little Megan...
A rare family photo. 
This was the same reception spot where Jeff and I celebrated our wedding.  We hadn't been back since so it was fun to see how our family has grown (and continues to grow...) in the last 8+ years! 

Tyler, blurry, but enjoying a "fancy" drink.  It was just 7up with a splash of grenadine and a cherry, but it sure makes the kid feel special.  Thanks, Grandma!  

A family photo while waiting for dinner.  Yes, Nathan changed out of his suit into his PJs.  Don't you wish you could party at a wedding in your jammies?  A HUGE thanks to Uncle Greg for coming to get both boys and take them to our house and put them to bed.  Lifesaver! 

Nathan kept busy playing the spoons while waiting for dinner.  Such talent! ;)

Jeff and Erin took dance lessons to prep for their big first dance and it was beautiful...even though the guys gave Jeff a LOT of trouble about the dance classes.

Aren't they cute?  Happy Wedding Day, Jeff and Erin! 
We also had a lot of fun with the photo booth...maybe not a much fun as Kyle.  Kyle wanted photos with EVERY familiy member! 
Doesn't Jeff remind you of a much more attractive Drew Carey in those glasses? 
Don't ask what we were doing in any of these was just a good reason to act goofy (as if we really need a reason)!
The wedding and reception were a blast!  May Jeff and Erin have a lifetime of love and happiness! :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Reading!

Tyler has become quite a good reader recently.  We are pretty proud not only of his ability so far but his love of reading. 
We have been participating in the Summer Reading Program at the Washington Library this summer.  It requires that we read or Tyler reads at least 20 minutes a day which is VERY easy for us.  Tyler LOVES to read. 
We have also been going to story time on Fridays at the library.  They sing silly songs including Shake Your Sillies Out which is one of my favorites.  Tyler currently sings it daily.
Standing up and singing songs in between books at story time is an excellent break from sitting still. 

The summer reading program has rewards for every so many weeks that you read 20 minutes or more a day.  Tyler just got his second prize..."a monster mask "rooooaaar!"

Luckily, we haven't had to work too hard to motivate this guy to want to read.  I usually have to motivate him to leave the book section like I did this day at Target.  I am pretty sure he told me at least a dozen times "This one would be a good choice, mommy!" 
Keep up the good work, Tyler!  Mommy and Daddy are proud of you!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Preparing to go to ZONE DEFENSE!

What?!?  Since the title of this blog post may not make a lot of sense to some...let me explain.  Jeff and I are preparing to go from the man to man defense that we have been pretty good at since Nathan was born to zone defense because Baby Francis #3 will be here in November!  We couldn't be more excited...along with a bit nervous even though we planned for this blessing.  Let's be honest, it is always nerve wracking adding another member to your family, especially with two small, crazy boys that demand a lot of attention at home.  Jeff and I both played basketball in high school and joke that we much preferred to play man to man defence over zone because you knew exactly what player on the opposing team you were in charge of guarding.  Now one of us will have two of them.  Right now, it has been determined that whoever has the two will have Tyler and the baby while the other parent stays busy with Nathan.  Ha!  He is just a busy guy!  
Regardless of how busy we will be, we are still really excited and know we will have fun. 
This was my attempt at our Baby #3 announcement.  Tyler was very proud of his chalkboard and wouldn't let go so so much for seeing his #1.  Nathan was ready for a nap when this photo was taken.  And I am pretty sure Jeff's HELP sign was accurate on this photo attempt. 
#1-September 14, 2009
#2-March 16, 2012
#3-November 2013
We have had 4 doctor appointments already and things look great!  We got to see #3 on the second appointment (10 week mark) and his/her little arms and legs were moving all around already!  I got to see him/her again at my 14 week appointment since the heart beat was muffled due to the placenta being in the way.  My doctor knows how nervous I get so he went ahead and got the ultrasound out just to make me feel better.  We are now just over 18 weeks...yes, already! 

I figured I had delayed this blog post long enough.  It hasn't been for lack of wanting to let everyone know, but really because my usually blogging time has been consumed with sleep.  Once Jeff and I get the boys to bed, I pretty much crash on the couch or directly in bed.  My energy has gotten better the farther into the second trimester we have gotten though which is encouraging.    

Baby #3 is really starting to show already and although I have been reluctant, I have come to realize that I might as well switch to maternity clothes.  The last week...or maybe even two has been consumed with trying to still fit into my regular clothes and trying the hair tie trick with buttons to make just a bit more room.  :)  

Enjoy some of our first photos of Baby #3! 
I love that we could see his/her little arms and legs moving!

He/She was sucking on her hand in this one.  The line with the + signs was to measure the little guy/gal.  Dr. Potts told us he/she was measuring days bigger...surprise, surprise!  I was 9 weeks, 6 days at the time of this appointment but the baby was measuring 10 weeks, 4 days.  We just have big babies.  As long as they are healthy, I can deal with it!
The good news is we won't have to wait until 41 weeks to meet this little one!  If I haven't gone into labor by 39 weeks we will have a scheduled c-section since I have already had two. 

Yes, we will be finding out if it is a boy or a girl in just 2 weeks!  I am so excited!  Jeff thinks it is a girl and I am guessing boy.  We will see who is right...

I will try to be better with updates!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Holy Baptisms!

We had three family baptisms within a week several weeks ago.  
First up was sweet cheeks Hadley Anne.  

The happy family!

I was so thrilled and honored to be one of Hadley's Godmothers. 

Hadley and her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.

Poor girl had a mild fever but was a trooper during church.  She did appreciate playing with my hair during the service and a car that I had in my purse.  (I am a mom of two boys - I always have a car in my purse!)

Hadley changed into her party dress after church.  I love this photo of Hatters and GG.

How adorable is she?
Later the same day, another niece, Abbey, was baptized in a special baptismal service for those members of her church that had decided they wanted to claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior and be baptized.  It was very cool! 
Daddy and Nathan entertained each other before the service started. 
She literally got dunked so holding her nose was recommended.

Congrats, Abbey!
Our nephew/cousin, Matthew was baptized the following week in a Saturday evening service. 
Matthew wasn't too thrilled with the process, but he sure was adorable! 

Proud parents and a still unhappy Matthew. 
It truly was an awesome week to see so many family members join their respective churches and have their congregations welcome them and promise to support their journeys in coming to know Christ.  God is good!