Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grant: 4 Months

My goal is to post Grant's monthly photos in the actual month that he turns that age...even if it is 15 days late. :)
I managed to snag these photos right before bed so I didn't get my usual smiles but Grant is still cute as can be. 

I love how he is holding the sign in this one. 

I love those leg rolls that are really starting to form. 

He still loves his fists.  He tries to cram whatever he can into his mouth and has started drooling.  I don't feel anything but his gums do seem a bit harder.  Teeth coming soon? Nathan got his first tooth on his 5th month birthday and Tyler's came on his 6th month birthday. 

Mom, I am really getting sleepy. 
In other news:
Grant rolled over for the first time during his third month of life.  It is much more common for him to roll from his front to his back but I have seen him roll from his back to his front once.
This new trick has allowed me to feel comfortable allowing Grant to sleep on his tummy which he enjoys MUCH more than sleeping on his back (as did ALL of our boys). 
Grant had a bit of a cold earlier this month along with his brothers but all is well now.  The cold really slowed down his feedings and I got a bit of a stockpile of milk going during that time and a good thing too because lately he has really been attempting to catch up.  He is still nursing/having breast milk full time.  Next month we may have to start some cereal because he loves to sit on my lap during meals and watch everyone eat.  His eyes follow his brothers spoons and forks into their mouths. 
Speaking of siblings, Tyler and Nathan are wonderful with Grant.  Very sweet to him getting him a "binky" when he is fussy and talking and smiling at him when he gives the "I'm bored" whine.  Tyler loves to say "It's okay, Baby Grant.....Moooommmm, Grant needs you." 
I will post his stats from his 4 month check up soon!  It was a combined doctors appointment with Nathan's 2 year check up.  Fun! Fun!

Grant's photo was in the Parade of Babies section of the Missourian a few weeks ago too.  :)

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