Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday at the Park

The day before Mother's Day was gorgeous so we picked up some Sonic drinks and headed for the park.  Nothing too unusual, but I did grab my camera to capture our growing boys.
Handsome little man! 

Stubborn boy who refuses to look at me for a photo.

Nathan loves to slide...all by himself. 

Tyler is getting much more daring.  I suppose he sees his younger brother climbing on everything...Tyler thinks he can do it too.

Nathan LOVES Sonic!

We had to pry it out of his hands and encourage him to go play.

The swing was a great distraction!

I love family days at the park!

Friday, May 10, 2013

April Random Phone Photos

I take so many photos each month on my phone (because it is usually handy) that I am going to try to put them into one post each month (at least those that don't belong in a post of their own). 
Tyler found a pet worm in the garden Daddy and Uncle Kyle built in Kyle and Maggie's yard. 

He was a bit disappointed when I told him I thought it was not alive anymore. 

Nathan's molars came in last month.  Poor guy (and poor mom) was a painful process.

Tyler LOVES "train tracks."  He like playing with the trains almost as he does constructing the tracks.  I guess it goes right along with his love of puzzles.  I was told a few weeks ago "Mom, you need to buy me some new puzzles because I already know how to do all of the ones we have."

Cardinals Opening Day!

Nathan's first Popsicle. 
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One of the Tuesday photos from Aunt Sandy that I look forward to.  Nathan and Hadley playing nicely. 

We adore our Tuesday afternoons with this happy girl!

Nathan will spend hours in the sandbox which is impressive because Nathan won't spend more than 5 minutes doing most activities.

Tyler wanted Hadley to play in the sandbox too.  I confirmed with Maggie that Hadley was going to get a bath on this evening.  ;)  I think she liked the feeling of it on her toes.

Nathan thought Hadley needed a shovel too!

This is one of the many Fridays that I attempt to cram in a full morning of activities/errands and our lunch is a little later than normal. 

Tyler was getting fitted for his "costume" for an upcoming family wedding he is in.  After he tried it on, he said he looked like Popo and we needed to go see him at work.  We got to have lunch with Grandma and Popo and after we dropped them off and headed home for naps, Tyler was a bit disappointed that Popo didn't have his "costume" on at work (it was a Friday and Popo just had jeans on). 

Another Tuesdays with Aunt Sandy photo of Tyler playing in the rain.  He states every time it rains "We better get our umbrella."

I am not sure why he is so worried about it as it doesn't really use it properly. 

We are going to have to work on Nathan's table manners. ;)  (Aunt Sandy Tuesday photo)

Good morning photo we sent to dad.

Nathan's attempt to feed himself with a spoon.  It started off okay, but soon he dropped the spoon and resorted to feeding himself the yogurt with his hand. with a 1 year old. :)

My evening dinner prep entertainment is often Tyler and/or Nathan's rendition of "Pots and Pans, the Musical."  I am sure some of you have heard of it. ;)

Yes, more rain photos (it was April).  We participated in a walk benefiting Friends of Kids with Cancer, a charity that my cousin, Todd Zick, was very involved in.

Nathan loves anything with red sauce. 
How cute is this little butt?
Tyler is my organized/OCD child who insists on lining up the soaps, bubble bath supplies before we get out of the tub (because Nathan makes sure EVERYTHING is in the water). 

This is what allergies look like on Mr. T.  It has been several weeks of allergy meds, eye drops (that Tyler HATES), nasal sprays and even a double ear infection thrown in for good measure.  Poor man.  A huge thanks to Aunt Sandy for all the meds she sent home with Tyler one Tuesday afternoon.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy (late) Easter 2013!

Happy (belated) Easter!  I want to preface this post by stating that we do try to find the balance of making Easter fun for the kids while still communicating the true meaning behind the holiday.  Easter baskets and treats are wonderful but I want my kids to have the same teary eyed, goodbump raising gratefulness I felt Easter morning in church when the congregation sang Christ the Lord is Risen Today!  We have several books that try to explain the Easter story in a kid friendly way that we read several times approaching the holiday.  Tyler is understanding so much more.  I love to hear him say his prayers each night before bed.  He is also in charge of saying grace each night before dinner.  We are truly blessed in so many ways. 
The Easter bunny brought Nathan some pool toys for this summer, his own set of headphones for the Suburban and snacks including animal crackers and Teddy Grahams. 

Tyler got new shoes (he is wearing size 11 already - big foot!), reading workbooks (he LOVES them - I know, I know...NERD!), a kite (which we still have yet to fly) , his own "flute" (he found my recorder from grade school and he and Nathan fight over it so the Easter Bunny was trying to let everyone play), a Buzz luffa and body wash (maybe he will show some interest in washing himself in the tub as I am not quite sure he grasps the concept other than playtime), pool toys and treats.   

Both boys needed drinks as we left church and headed to Grandma and Popo Francis'.

Nathan was happy to share Popo's lap with baby Matthew. 

I love that Tyler wants and often tries to read to Nathan.  Yes, reading!  He is doing an amazing job of site reading and sounding out lots of words.  If he doesn't know the words, he does a pretty darn good job of making up the story. :)

Nathan is often distracted and his attempt to get the candy out of the tube was too humorous not to post.

Again, Nathan not paying attention but Tyler still trying.

Thank you, God, for these two precious blessings along with so many more!
Happy Easter!