Friday, December 24, 2010

Ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?

We are!  

And we running to get last minute touches complete. 

Tyler's Mizzou Tree is up.

The stockings are hung - again, Mizzou themed.  (Thanks Grandma Francis!)

Is it time yet?

How about now?

Some of our favorite people have arrived! 
Uncle Kyle and Aunt Maggie came to visit last night!  We will get to see a lot of them this holiday season!

Uncle Kyle got to read "Go, Dog, Do" last night to Tyler.  It is his absolute favorite book - at least this week.  Check back next week to see if there is a new favorite book, or if we have hid "Go, Dog, Go" and cannot find it.  Jeff and I both have it memorized. 

I had to put this one in too because Tyler was trying to smile for the camera, but it was rather fake.  Uncle Kyle thought it was funny. 

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

We woke up this morning to SNOW and Tyler was excited.  We ate breakfast and decided it was time to get outside and play.  While I was getting ready Tyler stood at the back door saying "go, go, go, go, go."  He was ready!  We loaded up our gear and went to Grandma and Grandpa's to play.  So nice to live so close!  Uncle Kyle is home too so it was even more fun!   

Yea, SNOW!

Testing his footing on the driveway.

Dad, this is fun!


It is hard to stand up with all this stuff on!

Getting on the sled. 

Wheeeeee!  (Tyler loved it - hence the clapping!)

A natural.

Unlce Kyle and Tyler sledding.

Soooo happy to be playing in the snow!

Grandma gets her turn to pull on the saucer.

Wheeeeee ("again")

Uncle Kyle wants to ride too!


Moving from the front yard to the big hill....

Mommy gets to go first with Tyler down the big hill.  I was nervous sending my baby down a huge hill (for those of you who know me - that is not a surprise!). 

Daddy's turn.

Here is a view of the big hill.  It was too steep for Tyler to make it on his own.

Uncle Kyle working on the snowman. 

Tyler checking out his work.  

Tah-dah! Not bad with no supplies. 

Daddy, Tyler, and Uncle Kyle with the snowman.

Tyler figured out his could eat the snow. 


Eating snow from mommy.'s good.

Action shot.

A long post with lots of photos, but we had soooooo much fun. Tyler loved the whole experience.  He was a trooper and never got sad about the cold.  Next year he will be ready to hit the slopes.  Aunt Maggie, I think he will be able to ski with you! :) 

 It has been a great Christmas Eve so far!

More to come.....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15 months!

I cannot believe Tyler is 15 months old already!  I know I say that every month, but really....he is like a toddler now, not a little baby anymore! 

Tyler had us laughing hilariously tonight because he wanted to take his shirt off himself but then he could not get it off of his head so he was running around with his shirt flailing off the top of his head.  He too thought it was hysterical.  He was also trying to say "shirt" which if you can imagine can be a scary word to learn (at least from a parent perspective).  If you miss that all important "r" it turns into a totally different word. 

Enjoying his new "hat."

Here is another attempt - still didn't get it.  He just has a large noggin'.

After bath time, it was time for a seat in his chair to get his monthly photo taken (this month in his PJ's because I almost forgot!). 

Ready to move - not wanting to sit still for the photo but still happy. 

He wants to see the camera so I took full advantage.

After battling daddy who thankfully was there to help keep him from running away several photos ago, he finally succumb to the realization he should just sit there and have his picture taken.  Although his pose is not necessarily appropriate....we will work on it. 

Time for bed....goodnight!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day at the December!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday that we had to take advantage of the 60 degree December temperatures.  Tyler was ready to head outside.  After a good amount of time in the backyard in his swing and playing on his slide, we loaded up to go to Lion's Lake to see the ducks and play on the big slides.  We had a blast! 

He was so excited to go down the tube slide!

He was ready to jump off and do it again!

He loved the long twist-around slide too!

On to the swings...check out that smile!

Dad decided to swing too while he was waiting for Tyler.  He looks thrilled, doesn't he?

Tyler loved just running around and burning off some toddler energy. 
(He did end up with some duck/goose poop on his shoes too - lovely!)

Our day at the park had to be topped off with some strawberry ice cream from the Fudge Shoppe.  Tyler LOVES ice cream.  He looks pretty chill here. :)

Later, it was home to take a bath and get ready for bed.

I love this kid!

Shooting some hoops in the tub - he cheers for himself when he dunks the ball/fish.  So funny!

Two at one time!  One with each hand!  Watch out world!