Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Our Christmas Eve was very fun!  My mom and dad were nice enough to have us over Christmas Eve night so we could enjoy Christmas morning at our house and spread out the Christmas craziness.  
Tyler gave Grandma a big hug to start to open presents.  He had been waiting all day and ever since Christmas has asked EVERY day when he can open more presents. 

Our little Nathan was even into opening gifts for a bit this year.  Christmas is so fun with kiddos! :)

Nathan even wanted in on the wine!

Ahhh...Jake and the Neverland pirates ship, Buckey!   Very cool, Grandma!
I am so so glad we made the rule that toys that Grandmas purchase stay at their house. 

Playing with everything on the ship before it was even out of the box.

Grandma and Popo know the way to Nathan's heart too - a new ball!

Nut head!

Uncle Kyle and Hadley had different Christmas Eve expressions.

Tyler has to check out ALL of Nathan's presents. 
Aunt Maggie and Uncle Kyle got the boys these adorable backpacks.  Nathan had his on and didn't even notice.  He is ready for school! 

Okay, he might have to lose the bottle before he can go to school.  I have to get him using a sippy cup more often as it looks very odd to have a walking kiddo holding a bottle. 

Sweet cheeks Hadley was not too into Christmas.  Just wait until next year, Hadley! 

Popo made Tyler a very cool present.  A house out of a giant box.  Tyler loved it and played with it in the garage because it wouldn't fit in the door of the house. 

In his church clothes on the garage floor...perfect!

See you guys later.

We tried a cousins photo and this was as good as it got.  It does show their personalities though.   Tyler was over it before it even started and refused to smile.  Hadley was pretty expressionless but very still and calm.  Nathan was the little terror that wouldn't sit still for a second. 

I couldn't resit posting the photos of Tyler putting his hand in his pants.  Man, he is going to kill me when he is older for keeping these photos.  Tyler, you are all boy! 
I love this photo of Tyler and Hadley.  I think my boys are going to be very protective of Hadley when they all get older. 
Our attempt at a sibling photo.
Tyler was still not wanting anything to do with photos.  It was the presents are opened, sugar let down.  Nathan was just getting started. 
Ready, go!
They sure do keep us on our toes! 
It was a wonderful night of food, gifts and family.  We went to the Christmas Eve church service afterwards.  Daddy and Tyler enjoyed my favorite part - singing Silent Night with the candlelit filled church.  Nathan and I were watching on from the back of the balcony at church with Kyle and Hadley as Nathan and Hadley were two very tired babies. 
Luckily our boys went home and slept like champs so that Santa could come to our house...many more Christmas posts and photos to come!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

First haircut

Nathan got his first haircut on Christmas Eve.  He was getting a bit shaggy!.  I held him while sitting in the bathtub and Jeff did the cutting.  It is so easy with boys! 
Check out those muscles!  And don't mind the spot of banana just above that grin.  ;)  
Nathan did great with his haircut and didn't shed a tear.  He was a bit curious about the clippers but once we gave him the distraction toy of a rubber duck, it was easy street from there. 
Happy first haircut, Nathan!  You are a handsome little man.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Crafts @ Playgroup

Our Friday playgroup had a special Holiday Crafts event a few weeks ago.  Since Tyler loves to paint, color and get messy I thought it would be perfect. 
Christmas stamps.

This little man makes it next to impossible to take photos, help with crafts and keep an eye on him so he cannot escape.   Whew!

Nathan's little hand wanted to help with stamps too!

Tyler's favorite craft was making the pinecone birdfeeder.  He loved covering them with the birdseed.  I remember making these too with peanut butter.  Since peanut butter is such an allergy risk they used shortening.  Yuck!  It will fatten those birds right up! 

Tyler's finished product right next to the Mizzou birdfeeder outside.  The birds had a good majority of the seeds gone within the first few days. 
We also got to make a snowman out of shaving cream and glue, a Christmas tree with tissue paper pieces and there was a craft station to make noodle and cereal necklaces.  Tyler was not into making a necklace at ALL!  (I think we ended up with three noodles on a string.) 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Church Christmas Program

If you remember Tyler practicing for the church Christmas program in an earlier post, you would never believe after that video that this was his expression throughout the entire Away in the Manger performance:
Shy, quiet and looking down at the floor most of the time.  I couldn't believe it!  Where did this kid come from?  I am pretty sure he didn't sing a note. :(
It might have been my fault as I told him if he stayed quiet during church he could have a cookie afterwards.  I guess there is a first time for that incentive working. :)  I also told him to sing loud so Daddy and Grandma could hear him.  He obviously missed that part of the instructions.   

This was his class Preschool - Kindergarten.

This is what I was picturing would happen...only by Tyler.  Too funny!
Zach performed on his big 'ole baritone saxaphone at church as well. 
Thanks to everyone that came to see Tyler's performance standing ability.  Ha!  Maybe next year...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elf on the Shelf, Part 2

Red, our elf, has not been forgotten.  See the introductory post here. Tyler searches for him every morning.  Thankfully, between Jeff and I, we have remembered to make sure Red has found a new hiding spot.  I have not been as thorough at photographing his shenanigans. 
Here are a few:
Hiding in the Christmas tree.

In Tyler's stocking.

On the Christmas card wreath before it was filled up with cards. 
The envelope Red was holding had magic seeds (sprinkles) with a note that instructed Tyler to plant the magic seeds in sugar and wait two days. 

Preparing the sugar... plant his "seeds."

Red was up hiding above the cabinets. 
Look what the magic seeds and sugar turned into! 
Thank you Schultes Bakery! ;) 

Red was a bit lazy and called Santa.

When I asked Tyler what Red was doing this morning, Tyler exclaimed that he was getting ready to have pancakes! 

Red got a bit crazy with Tyler's precious Curious George. 
I think George looks a bit Amish. Ha!
Another adventure Red had included taking a bubble bath in marshmallows. 
Tyler didn't quite get it. :(

We are also doing our 12 books of Christmas (all Christmas themed books) this year and Tyler loves picking a number out of the bowl and finding his book for the night.  I rewrapped a lot of the Christmas books I had from last year but I think he may remember if I want to do it next year. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

9 Months!

Nathan turned 9 months old yesterday!  He was at the doctor this morning for his check-up and shot.   The crazy thing is when we were leaving I was making the next appointment for him - his 1 year check-up!  Seriously!?!  Where has the time gone? 
Nathan continues to progress at rapid speed.  He is walking more frequently now and taking up to 20 or more steps at a time.  He typically prefers to walk as he likes to feel like a hot shot.  Nathan is still walking with the Frankenstein hands (ironic that it was his Halloween costume).  However, if he wants to get somewhere FAST then crawling is still his preferred method. 
Happy snotty, drool covered baby.

After a nose wipe, he is still a happy camper.

More, mom?

Now I am going to talk to you about my day. 
 Nathan is rather quiet most of the time, but once you get him talking he will tell you all about it especially when I keep up with the conversation and respond. 

So BIG!  Daddy taught him to respond to "touchdown."  Yes, I live with all boys!

Hey, mom - this sitting in the chair stuff is for little kids. ;)

Now I am going to walk to you and get waaaay too close to the camera.

Why are you moving away?

And I am done.  It is 8:30 and I am past ready for bed.  Mom is pushing her luck with these photos this late at night.  
(Notice poor Joseph and the Wise Men on the floor in the background.  Nathan likes to eat the nativity set in his room.  And yes, Tyler and Nathan each have a kid friendly nativity set in their rooms). 
Nathan updates:
  • 7 teeth - working on the 8th tooth and Dr. Rudloff said his one year molars are looking close to coming in.
  • Diaper size: 3  I sure am glad we are using disposable diapers with this one - he poops usually 3 times a day!  He has a very healthy digestive system.  Geez!  I know, I know - TMI. :)
  • Clothing: 12-18 months tops; 12 month pants and 18 month sleepers - he is too long for most 12 month sleepers. 
  • Cool tricks: WALKING, So Big or Touchdown, waving bye bye (this includes waving to random people on TV), clapping, sings himself to sleep - it is so sweet!  
  • Nathan is saying mama, dada, baba (bottle) and Aunt Sandy swears he says ABC.  I haven't heard that one yet.   He also speaks lots of other gibberish that I have yet to figure out. 
  • We call Nathan our little billy goat as he climbs on EVERYTHING!  The other day he climbed in the back of the Tonka dump truck, used it as a skate board to push it next to the Little People garage and then climbed on top of the garage to sit for a bit.  I was too slow to get my camera.  He tries to climb on the rocking John Deere tractor (like a rocking horse) but usually just stands on the rails and rocks back and forth.  I am convinced he will climb out of his crib or pack 'n play before his first birthday as I have seen him trying.  I hope I am wrong as I am not sure how you get a 12-month old to stay in a big bed.  Nathan has also been caught eating dirt out of the potted plant.  Talk about feeding him organic food! :)  (Kyle used to do the same thing when he was little.)   
  • Nathan's favorite toys are balls, cars, anything that makes music, anything that fits inside his mouth and, let's be honest, anything that Tyler is playing with.  Tyler gets pretty annoyed with Nathan always in his space, but is learning to deal with it. 
  • Eating: A LOT.  He is getting bored with baby food and would prefer "big" food broken up for him.  He loves pretty much everything we put on his tray.   
  • Sleeping: pretty well although this snotty nose that he has had had woken him up several nights in the last week as his nostrils have been clogged shut.  Poor guy.   
    Nathan's Stats:
    Weight: 22lbs 10 oz (80 %ile - this is pretty low for our kiddos)  Nathan has dropped off his curve a bit - probably due to him being so active.  
    Height: 30.6 inches (off the chart so 98/99 %ile)
    Head circumference: 20 cm. (way off the chart - 99%)