Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tyler's special day with Aunt Sandy

Tyler didn't have school on President's Day, February 17, but mom still had a training class to attend/facilitate so Tyler got to have a special day with Aunt Sandy.  Tyler misses his Tuesdays with Aunt Sandy so this was perfect.  I got photos texted to me all day and Tyler talked about it all night at home.
He got to watch Thomas movies on Sandy's laptop.  Can you tell he is excited?

Hit sticks on trees outside.  All boy!  He talked about this a LOT when he got home. 
Side note: Doesn't he look tall and skinny in this picture?  When did he get so big?  

They even went to the park to burn off some energy!

This kid LOVES snow!  And Sandy's gloves. :)

Sandy sent me this picture saying they may have rushed park season a little as Tyler got a bit wet.  Oh well!

They even went by Bread Co. to get a big cookie (and got one for Nathan too!). 

Nathan enjoyed his cookie when he got home. 
Thanks, Aunt Sandy!  Tyler loved his special time with you. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little artist

Let me start this post with a HUGE thank you to the Busch Family for the fun Christmas present of new art supplies.  I am pretty sure Jeff is thinking about getting Clay a drum set for his birthday now, but I think it is great! :) 
Here was part of our awesome creative gift from the Busch Family! 
We also got a 24-pack of Play-Doh too! 

Nathan asks to paint on a daily basis.

He would stand here at the easel all day and make a mess if I let him. 

Happy, messy boy. 
I bought 3 of these Elmer's smocks to keep on hand for painting projects. 
Nathan was so proud of his "masterpiece" and couldn't wait to show dad when he got home. 

I had never seen these before but they are GENIUS! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's Day is SO much fun with kids!  Tyler had me print off a calendar that he could mark off the days until his Valentine's party at school he was so excited.  I got into the spirit this year too took pictures of the kids for photos for the grandparents but they turned out cute enough that I decided to send out Valentine's cards to family too. 

I think these photos display the boys personalities pretty well too.  Nathan is smiley, cute and slightly mischievous, Grant just goes with the flow and Tyler is usually a bit over the top.
  Valentine's Day 2014 card.
After Tyler's Valentine Party and naps we took Tyler and Nathan to see the Legos Movie in 3D.  Thanks to GG and Great Grandpa for watching Grant.  The boys were pretty excited! 
I love this photo of them with their glasses on chowing down on some popcorn. 
We went to the 3:10pm show which was great because there was NO one there.  Literally there were only two other adults in the theatre. 

After the movie I attempted to get their photo next to the Lego Movie display but it moved and you could change his outfits so this was as good as it got.  

These were Tyler's Valentines that he took with him to school.  He had to write his name 34 times for his class but I actually made him write it more (felt like my dad).  Anytime his Ys looked like Xs I had him redo it.  I will say he got MUCH better!  #toughmom
I am pretty sure I was the only mom that convinced her son to give non-candy Valentines too.  I mean, how many half eaten heart suckers do you want laying around your house?  I am ready for nice weather and bubbles.  Luckily, Tyler was fine with my recommendation.   

The boys sent me these beautiful flowers.  I was very surprised! 

Tyler made this adorable craft at school that is currently on the fridge. 

This was our Pinterest inspired Valentine craft we made at the beginning of the month.  Tyler and Nathan painted the hearts.  I wish I had more time for crafts. 
It was a great Valentine's Day!  Now onto birthday planning...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grant's 1 and 2 month doctor appointments

I am pretty sure I neglected to post Grant's 1 month doctor's visit stats so I will do a combined post as we approach his 3 month appointment (oops!).
We had Grant's 1 month appointment on 12/17/13 and he weighed 10lbs 10oz,(75th percentile) was 23.10 inches long (92nd percentile) and had a head circumference of 15.7inches (80th percentile).  Our kiddos are usually in the 90th+ %tile for EVERYTHING!   

He plumped up quite a bit by his 2 month appointment on 1/22/14 weighing in at 13 lbs. 6oz. (78th percentile), was 25.0 inches long/tall (96th percentile)and had a head circumference of 16.6 inches (90th percentile).  Each percentile increased.  Grant is trying hard to catch up with his brothers. 
Grant, like his older brothers and dad, has extremely sensitive skin and eczema. Other than that annoyance, he is a healthy, growing baby!  We are so thankful for excellent health and pray each day it continues for our family. 

Mommy and Grant kill time with a selfie to send to dad while waiting at the doctor's office.   
I love this child.  He is a true gift and I am blessed to be his mommy. :)
Grant turned 3 months yesterday so that post is coming along with more stats after his 3 month appointment.  According to his last few nights of waking up for additional feedings he is in the middle of a growth spurt.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tyler's Pre-School photo

Tyler had pre-school photos back in September.  At least I think it was September.  ;(
Not exactly an awesome photo, but it is what is it.  I think he looks confused. 
  I wasn't exactly thrilled with how it turned out.  Maybe that is why it took me so long to post.

Here is his Little Rascals class photo.  I think these are SO fun to have and look at when he graduates high school. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

iPhone photo catchup: Part 2

Part 2 of my catch up:
"Put 'em up"

I am so in love with this little guy!

I got Grant's name hung up in his room.  I should have taken a photo of it against his crib or something to give it a sense of scale.  Secret is that I made this out of cardboard and scrapbook paper - super easy and inexpensive! 

Tyler had a meltdown in Grant's room on a Friday afternoon once his friend Owen and Owen's sister and mommy left.  Do you think it was nap time? ;)
We had a wonderful play date with Owen, Amelia and Heather.  We are looking forward to the next one. 

Playing Wii sports at Grandma's. 

Tyler was having a special day with mom and Grant and the one place he wanted to go - the LIBRARY!  I love it, but seriously, do you think the child could find another book topic other than Thomas. 

It has been cold, cold, cold this winter. 
I am pretty sure the suburban's temperature sensor goes into shock after leaving the garage. 

Bath time with dad.

Birthday hugs for dad!

I am in love with all of Grant's faces.  His little personality is so much fun.   

Stocked up with 20+ servings of breast milk for Grant as I am easing back into a full schedule of work. 

Tummy time encouragement. 
I promise this was not staged.  Are they not the most precious brothers?  I am pretty sure I should carry this photo with me and look at it when they are all fighting. ;)

We got a large box from our monthly Amazon shipment and rather than throw it away, the boys had fun coloring it with markers. 

Grant was just chillin' starting at himself in mirror.

Nathan loves to color lately and is getting much better at knowing his colors.  His favorite color is blue but his favorite color to say is "yell-low."

Nathan told me he had to go potty the other day after lunch so we went in and sat on his little potty but no luck (that time).  When I said we needed to put his pants back on he said "no" and put his snow boots on.  I thought it was too funny so rather than correct him I took a picture and figured I would let him go for a few minutes while I finished cleaning up from lunch.  He was going to go down for a nap in a matter of minutes anyway so I figured I would just put a diaper on him then. 

I waited too long as he pooped on the kitchen floor.  Tyler was quick to alert me tattle on his brother.  Nathan stomped through it with his boots so those went immediately into the wash and I am thankful that Tyler told me so quickly so I could avoid Nathan stomping poop into EVERY grout line in the kitchen.  Oh, the joys of motherhood! 

Speaking of my little love, Nathan, this was him throwing a fit at Target this morning because I wouldn't buy him a new basketball.  He was crying and saying "I need.  I need."  How many basketballs does an almost 2 year old need?  I sent this photo Jeff and he got a big kick out of it.
I think I have officially caught up on iPhone photos.  Now, if only I could catch up on the rest of the photos that I have to post.