Saturday, June 30, 2012

Owen comes to PLAY!

One of my very dear friends Heather "Cooper" Wade and her cute little family have moved back to STL!  They have been in Seattle for far too long! 

Cooper and Owen came to visit and play this past week.  We were thrilled to have them!  Tyler loved the playmate and I loved the girlfriend conversation. 

Owen was a bit overwhelmed with our playroom and not sure what to play with first. 

I took this photo off Coopers blog.  The boys were really into playing cars and trucks and balls.

Nathan, Cooper and I enjoyed watching.  I wish I had a photo of Cooper as she is due to have her second baby (a GIRL!) in early October and looks amazing.  Tyler kept calling her Maggie and I am not sure if it is because they are both pregnant but it was pretty funny. 

Isn't he adorable?  Owen spent his 18th month birthday with us.

A bit more serious. :)

Thanks for coming to play Cooper and Owen!  You are welcome back anytime! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting Dirty

We didn't go on a field trip this past Friday, but we did get to have a fun night with the Busch Family.  We picked up Philly's Pizza on the way to their house so the adults could chat and the boys could play. 

Both Tyler and Clay worked hard in the garden with their "tools."

Like father, like son.  Check out Tyler's hand and Daddy's shorts - they are both filthy!  Boys!

We brought our bubble blower and Clay enjoyed having Kate fire bubbles at him.  Isn't he so cute?

The boys were going to mow the grass. 

All in all, we had a great time playing outside.  The boys were dirty, sweaty and Tyler even busted his nose and got bloody too (don't worry - he was fine and wanted to play cars before his nose even stopped bleeding).  Our bath water on Friday night was pretty gross - blood, sweat and dirt! be a boy in the summer! 

Thanks for having us over to play Dan, Kate and Clay!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Visit with Aunt Olee

This past Wednesday it struck me that Nathan had not had the pleasure to meet Aunt Olee.  Actually, it is his Great Great Great Aunt Olee.  She is my Grandpa Zick's aunt.  She turned 103 this past February!  Yes, that is right - 103 years old!  Can you imagine?

Aunt Olee and Nathan meeting for the first time.

Nathan wore his John Deer gear for Aunt Olee.  She was one hard working lady! 

Tyler was able to make everyone in the dining room smile including Aunt Olee. 

It was a great visit and we feel so lucky to have such a family treasure in Aunt Olee still with us.  It is also cool that Tyler, Nathan and soon Baby Zick represent the fifth living generation in Zick family. 

With these kind of genes we had better keep working and not plan on retiring any time soon.   :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

3 Months!

Nathan's personality is really starting to shine through at three months and it is so much fun!  Nathan loves to be sung to.  He is really starting to laugh now and I love his giggles.  Nathan, like his mama, often lacks patience.  (Sorry, Nathan!)  When he is hungry, he is hungry NOW!  When he get sleepy, he has what I call the two minute warning meaning he is going to cry for two minutes until he falls asleep.  

Nathan loves to attempt to put his fist in his mouth.  He has also found his feet and spend a good majority of time with them in the air.  I keep thinking I should try to mimic him to get my ab muscles back in shape. :)

Happy 3 Months!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Field Trip Friday - Grant's Farm

Another beautiful Friday took us to Grant's Farm this past week. 
Tyler LOVES Zach and it is so cute to watch Tyler follow Zach around the same way that Zach followed Kyle around when he was younger. 

This kid always has his mouth open - either eating, singing or making some funny face.

Nathan slept on the "train."

We saw cool animals. 

Tyler got to feed and pet the goats. 

Patty and GG were huge helpers taking care of Nathan while Tyler and I played. :)

Tyler is always in awe of carousels. 

I love the excitement on his face in this photo. 

After the carousel we watched the elephant show and got a bite to eat, Tyler tasted his first snow cone (grape) and Mommy, Aunt Patty and GG enjoyed a complimentary adult beverage. 
Another great field trip Friday! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nathan's Baptism

Yesterday was a big day - Nathan was baptized, it was Father's Day and Mommy turned 30!   We were happy to celebrate Nathan and the start of his Christian journey first and foremost.  We may have to make seperate days to celebrate Father's Day at least because it wasn't exactly the relaxing day Daddy may have hoped for. :)

We owe Jeanne a HUGE thanks and many taco dips for the awesome pictures of the day.  I brought my camera to the church and it didn't even make it out of the camera bag.  And then she delivers the photos the very next day! Thanks, Jeanne!

Sweet baby boy!

Proud big brother!  

Proud grandparents!

Nathan being baptized by Pastor Paul, completely calm.  Doesn't Nathan look so peaceful?

Pastor Leah introduced Nathan to the congregation.

Grandpa Francis gets a little teared up.   Grandma is probably laughing at Tyler.

Watching Nathan be introduced as the newest member of the church.

We sure love this precious little boy! 

Uncle Kyle did a great job keeping Tyler under control.  Tyler's belt makes me smile too!  Ha!

Nathan is a lucky boy to have two OUTSTANDING Godparents.  Jenny (Jeff's sister) and Kyle (my brother) are awesome role models.  Thanks Jenny and Kyle.  They are good looking Godparents too, eh?

After church, we headed back to our house for a little lunch and to celebrate together all of the days festivities. 

This photo makes me smile too.  Great Grandma Zick and Nathan both look so comfortable. 


I think it looks like Nathan is praying here.

Look at those eyes and that smile.  God is good!

Cupcakes are good too!  Tyler was so excited. 

Get after it Tyler! 

A funny story about Tyler tonight.  We were getting him ready for bed and going about our normal routine: potty, brush teeth, PJs, story, prayers - he wanted to include Santa in his prayers tonight.  So random?!?  We haven't talked about Santa in almost 6 months so I am not sure where it came from but it made Jeff and I chuckle.  Also, Tyler wanted to do the "Amen dance!"  Thanks to Susan and Zach who were singing Amen and randomly yelling freeze yesterday hence that game was prompted tonight after bedtime prayers.   I am going to have to get a video as I am not sure bedtime prayers will ever be the same.  :)

In all seriousness, we are so fortunate to have our boys surrounded by amazing family and friends who love the Lord.  We think it is so important for Tyler and Nathan to understand the life and love of Jesus.  Thank you to everyone who made it to Nathan's baptism yesterday.  More importantly thank you for allowing Tyler, Nathan and all of us witness wonderful examples of marriage, forgiveness, sibling love and an increddible sense of family.  We are so very, very blessed. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Field Trip Friday - the Zoo!

Field Trip Fridays are back!  Last week was my free one before starting back to work.  I worked Monday and Tuesday this week along with an afternoon of going through e-mails on Sunday.   However, with me starting back to work this past week and a big upcoming weekend planned, I am a week behind in posting our zoo photos. 
Aunt Patty went to the zoo with us - it is so, so, so helpful to have another set of hands with the two boys.  She helped Tyler up on the gorilla for a photo. 

The real deal.

The TIGER - one of the most impressive animals on the planet.  There are no fictional birds to be seen at the zoo. ;)

The tiger was chilling in the shade.  They really are so cool!

Nathan was sporting his safari hat.  Yes, those cheeks sure are filling out.  

My kid that has no fear.  I am a little scared of this snake that is a statue.  Tyler didn't think twice about it. 

"Look, Mom!"

Tyler and Mommy waiting for "Mr. Elephant to come over here."  Patty took the photo on her phone . 

After a stop at Steak 'n Shake for some much needed lunch, we then headed for home and naps.  It was a great way to kick off our field trips for the summer!