Monday, April 14, 2014

Fishing Fun!

The day before Nathan's birthday party, March 15, we went to Bass Pro for a kids fishing event. 

Nathan colored a fish magnet while we waited for our turn to fish. 
He obviously needed a hair cut too. 

The "fishing" was in this large pool filled with small fish.  Jeff wanted the boys to enjoy the excitement of catching a fish so hopefully they would want to go fishing for real sometime soon.

This was my view.  Tyler was fishing by himself, Nathan and Daddy were together and Grant was sleeping in his car seat in the shopping cart.

Nathan caught his fish right away. 

Tyler had fish just swimming around his worm. 

 We had to switch poles with one of the nice Bass Pro workers.  Then, amazingly enough Tyler had a fish!  (wink, wink)

He was SO proud of his catch.

He still didn't want to touch the fish.
Here are our official photos from Bass Pro:
Nathan wasn't too sure about that fish that dad wanted him to touch. 

This one is a classic!

After fishing, Jeff did a little shopping and the boys had their own idea of shopping. 

The idea of these two driving is terrifying but at least they were sure to buckle up. 

Nathan always seems to push Tyler out of the way for the steering wheel spot.

They were chatting about how this boat was the one they thought we should get.  Jeff was on board with them to get a boat too so I had to be the bad guy...story of my life. :)
It was a fun afternoon followed up by a trip to the toy store (the last place this family should be shopping!) and dinner out.  Sorry that there are no photos of Grant on this outing.  He was a gem, as always, being patient for feedings in the car in between activities.  Oh, the life of the third child. :)

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