Sunday, January 18, 2015

Downtown Olde Fashioned Christmas

We attended the Olde Fashioned Christmas in Downtown Washington on Sunday, November 30th. It was a fun event with lots of things for the kids to do.  

The boys loved the sleigh and reindeer.  

Jeanne took this family photo of us and then put it in the paper.  She was also sweet enough to frame an 8 x 10 photograph for us too!  It is already hanging on the wall.  We love it!  

Roasting marshmallows.  Our boys don't love to eat roasted marshmallows but it sure is fun putting things over the fire.  

I didn't get photos of the cookie decorating.  I had my hands full and messy with icing.  It wasn't an idea time to have my camera out. ;)  That and the cookies were gone pretty darn fast.  

There were arts and crafts.  

Dancing to the Christmas music while the boys colored and did crafts. 

Story time with the Fair queen court.  

There were also carriage rides but the line was really long for those so we just watched.  
We sure do love this town!  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Grant's 1st Birthday!

I may have been putting off this post because it is still hard for me to believe that Grant is already 1!  It has been the fastest year of my life.  Maybe because we are constantly on the move chasing all three of our little men around, both of us working full time and attempting to keep a household in some form of order.  I sure wouldn't change any of it!  

I thought I would document Grant enjoying his last bottle.  I typically cut the bottle off cold turkey at the first birthday.  Grant snuck in a few extra bottles that I blamed on some teething pain.  It was probably more mom not being completely prepared to give it up.  I feel with the removal of the bottle more of the "baby" part goes away.  (sniff, sniff).   He did very well though with his transition to the sippy cup and I am happy to report he only had 3 bottles as a 1 year old.  

Grandma brought Grant a present to open on his actual birthday.  You have to remember that Grant was born on the opening weekend of deer season which is pretty much a national holiday in our family.  Soon enough Grant and his brothers will join all the guys at deer camp but this year we spent it at home hanging out while Dad, Uncle Kyle, Popo and the rest of the guys hunted.  

Notice that Grant is not opening his own present at ALL.  His brothers were so happy to "help" him out.  Ha! 

Jeff did get this nice 11-pointer on opening morning! 
I was glad since he missed last years deer season to spend quality time with Grant and I in the hospital.  

Grant did finally get to play with his new toy from Grandma.  

We also had some of the extended family over for pizza, cupcakes and ice cream on his actually birthday.  It was very low key.  

Singing Happy Birthday - Grant wanted to grab the lit candle...then was mad we didn't let him have it.  We got him calmed down after the video ended and he devoured the cupcake.  :) 

The following week was the party! 

This was our invite to the party.  I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar book so since Grant doesn't really have opinion on the matter (yet!) and he really likes to eat - it was the perfect combo!  

We had all the foods from the book.  And little labels so hopefully it made sense...and so people didn't think I planned the strangest menu ever.  We also had soup, chili and small sandwiches.  It was easy and fun! 

I made an easy Happy Birthday Grant caterpillar banner.  

Caterpillar balloon art and "ONE" decorated the mantle.  

Homemade cupcakes and smash cake was supposed to look like a caterpillar with rainbow cupcake papers. I meant to make feet and eyes too but didn't get to all that.  Oh, well! 

These boys love caterpillar food too! 

I think this photo is so sweet. 

Tyler singing Happy Birthday to Grant. 

Grant had some help on what to do from his older brothers. 

Like this!  

We are so lucky to have this little man in our lives and be able to say we are his parents. 

After a quick was time to open presents. 

And yes I let him open his gifts in just a diaper.  You have to remember he is the third child! :) 

Mike and Jeanne brought not one sword...but three!  Oh joy! 

Tyler didn't let me forget that there are lollipops in the book!  All the kiddos got one!  

Grant's favorite toy might have been the empty  (or not so empty at times) cups on the tables.  Sad that Grant gets no attention.  

Nathan is really deprived of attention too.  ;) 

We had a great day week celebrating Grant's birthday!  It has been so fun to watch him grow even though it has gone WAY too quick!  

Happy 1st Birthday, Grant!
We love you!