Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunset on the Riverfront

On the last Thursday evening of the month Washington has a Sunset on the Riverfront event that is perfect way to enjoy a beverage (adult beverage or otherwise) with your family at the Riverfront Park. 

Nathan and Dad hanging out.

Cute as a button!

Tyler was so sweet to share his apples with me.

This was the day his eyes were dilated and thus the squinting.  The squinting coupled with the lack of a nap caused us to head for home after just a little over an hour.  It was well worth the hour we were able to spend just hanging out as a family. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sprinkler Fun!

We have been enjoying the gorgeous weather this past week and decided to break out the sprinkler.  Tyler was in heaven! 

The swimming trucks I put on him were too big so I used a binder clip I was able to find quickly (good idea, Ashley)!  Tyler wasn't in the mood to wait for me.  I find it hard to believe that 3T are too big for him!

I was playing with my camera so the water drops would show up better and this is as good as I was able to get it (as far as I could figure it out without the manual). 

Nathan enjoyed chilling outside in his pack and play with the sun shade pulled.  He is so so so happy outside.   Soon enough he too will be playing in the sprinkler.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tyler's Eye Checkup

Thursday we traveled down to Children's Hospital for Tyler's eye checkup due to his hemangioma he developed (or that showed up) when he was 6 weeks old.  He was such a trooper and very well behaved. It was most helpful that we were able to leave Nathan behind with Sandy and Anna.  Thanks gals!

Photo from my phone hence the poor quality.
His poor eyes were dilated all afternoon but he was so good until we got outside and he refused to wear his sunglasses - then he was a bit cranky!  Good news is that his vision is great and the hemangioma is shrinking and not putting any pressure on his eye.  We don't have to go back to see this doctor until he is 4 years old! 

In order to pass the time Tyler plays his version of Wheel of Fortune hence the video. Tyler loves to watch Wheel of Fortune at night (usually when I am cleaning up the dishes from dinner).   I was using the Turn your cell phone off sign to answer what letters were in the "puzzle" as I was recording it will my cell phone.  Irony!
It cracks me up that he says please each time and claps whether or not the letter is in the puzzle.  I can just picture the wheel spinning in his head.  I guess I need to teach him what vowels are so he can "buy" vowels.  ;)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bath Time!

Both of my boys LOVE bath time.  Yes, Nathan, loves bath time too- since 3 weeks old or so. 

"Mom, why do you have the camera out during bath time?"

"Ahhh...that was relaxing."

Tyler loves his letters, even in the bath.  I had to scale them back as I don't allow all 26 letters and all the numbers in the tub at once!

Tyler has known to spell his name for a bit now and gets excited when he finds the letters in the tub.   As the weather gets warmer and we spend more time outside, our bath water gets a bit dirtier too...the joys of summer! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two month doctor appointment

This Tuesday we took Nathan for his two month checkup.

It is hard to believe how big he has gotten in such a short amount of time. 

I could say the same thing about this big boy. 

Nathan weighed in at 14lbs 4ozs.  He was 24 inches long (plus a bit as he wasn't really stretched out). 

Two shots at his two month appointment and he was NOT happy about them.  Poor guy! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Croquet is not a sport for a two year old.   That didn't stop Tyler from trying to play this past weekend.   Zach and Uncle Kyle were playing and so that meant that Tyler had to join in the "fun."

Tyler, you are not supposed to pick up the ball!

...or throw them.

That is a bit closer.  The mallet needs to hit the ball. 

Nathan played "soooo big" with Grandpa which was a bit simpler. 

Tyler also moved on to another game - the Uncle Bob swing. 

The reason for all the fun was to celebrate Anna's graduation from 'ole Mizzou.  She is headed to New York, NY this week.  We are so excited and proud of her!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last playgroup of the year

This last Friday was our last playgroup of the year.  Tyler has made many friends.  It has been a good place for him to practice sharing too.  He often asks if it is a playgroup day to see his friends.  We were sad to find out this week that our friends Annabelle (Tyler's age) and Lucas (1 month older than Nathan) are moving to Kentucky.  We will miss them. 

Tyler loves to play with trucks at playgroup.  Strange, uh? ;)

Nathan gets pretty excited for playgroup too!  Actually he just woke up in this picture and is preparing to get his diaper changed. 
We hope to have a summer full of field trip Fridays and will return to playgroup when the school year resumes. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

2 Months!

When I think about two months, part of me cannot believe it has gone by so quickly and another part of me feels like Nathan has been part of our family for so much longer than just two months.

  • Nathan has found his fingers and loves sucking on them.  He would be really happy if he could get his whole fist in his mouth but it just doesn't fit. ;)
  • We love his laugh! It is more of an inward noise accompanied by a smile but we know what he means. 
  • When Nathan is awake he seems to be constantly moving - kicking and flailing his arms around. 
  • He likes to be on his side and can often get himself in this position but not rolling over yet. 
  • Hiccups seems to happen very very frequently. 
  • Size 2 diapers were delivered on the doorstep today (I love Amazon Mom!).   His two month check-up is next Tuesday but I have a feeling we will be close to if not over the 14 lb. recommended max weight for size 1. 
  • Month two makes me a bit sad as it means eventually I will have to return to work.  I am so fortunate to be able to phase back into work slowly and I am working from home all the time except for the occasional lunch meeting (really rough, eh?).  I do love my paying job too!   I will start back part time the week of June 11th and work up to my full schedule.  

Monday, May 14, 2012

What a difference a year makes...

One year ago yesterday, I was in the hospital having a D&C.   We had lost our fourth child.  We didn't celebrate Mother's Day last year because it was too tough for me.  While I will always hurt for the babies we have lost, I am so so so grateful for our two boys with us now.  Mother's Day to me means so much more than just being showered with love from my husband and boys.  It is a day for me to step back from the chaos that is often our household to say "Wow, I am so lucky to be able to be a MOM."  It is a tough job with more responsibility than I often like to think about, but I wouldn't trade the job of being a mom for anything in the world.

We are proud parents and while we are really the parents of five kiddos when people ask how many kids we have the answer is "two, right now."  Most people assume that we mean we may have another baby.  And while that is true, it also means quietly to us that we don't get the opportunity to enjoy the other three.  Someday.  

Back to boys had a beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered on Friday and I was completely shocked.  I love my husband dearly, but flowers are not something that show up on our doorstep often.  It was really sweet.  I got to sleep in until 8:00 a.m. yesterday (that is very late for our household of early risers) and Jeff was busy with Tyler in the kitchen making breakfast.  I could get used to that!  :)  Then the boys and I went to church while Jeff stayed home to work on the hardwood floors he is installing in the living room.  We spent the afternoon at my parents so the boys could nap (the air compressor and nailing in the living room would make nap time tough at home).  In the evening we enjoyed a summer time feast at mom and dads.   It was a perfect day!  What a difference a year makes!

Speaking of moms - I have the best!  I am not sure what I would do without her and I don't just mean her watching my kids a LOT.   She has taught me more than any school ever could...from how to walk to how to drive and most importantly how to love.  I am one lucky lady.  

Tyler and Nathan are lucky to have amazing grandmas too.  My mom and mother in law shower my kiddos with love and attention that causes Tyler to constantly request to go to grandmas. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Weeks!

Nathan is actually 8 weeks old today, but I wanted to post the photos from his 7th week birthday.  Can you tell I am a bit behind in my posts?

Nathan LOVES to stand and really does very well on his own - we just have to help him keep his balance.  He is SO strong!  The shorts make me laugh!

Love his sweet little face.

Thanks to Jeanne who took these photos at playgroup last week for us.  It was a special music play group which meant Tyler was in heaven.  Nathan was pretty alert the whole time too.

I am also happy to report that Nathan is up to 8 hours of sleep a night - most frequently 9p-5a (he likes to wake up with his daddy)! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Walk/Run Fun

Last Saturday we loaded up (I feel like I have so much gear when we go anywhere for more than 3-4 hours) and joined family members for the Friends of Kids with Cancer walk/run in honor of my cousin, Todd Zick.  Tyler, Nathan and I arrived a bit early so we got to play a bit.  Tyler was so excited there was a bounce house!  Tyler could have stayed there all day.  It was a bit traumatic when it was time to move on to another activity.

There were some bigger kids in the bounce house so Tyler spent a lot of time falling down, but he didn't care - still a ton of fun. 

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Maggie brought their niece Emily.  Emily and Tyler had the clown make balloon dogs for them. 

Probably the only time Tyler was standing still all morning (at least when out of the stroller).  His favorite game lately is "You can't catch me..."

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hey, this is still fun!

Tyler has a renewed interest in the baby toys (as if he doesn't have enough of his own)  When doing some laundry the other day I found him in Nathan's room laying on the activity mat watching the flashing lights and playing with the hanging rattles.  Tyler never ceases to make me smile! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

6 Weeks!

Nathan just keeps growing and getting more adorable each week!

Looks like he is really concentrating on keeping his balance.

Smile to the right...

Smile to the left...

And back to the right.   Wish I could get him to smile at the camera when I take the picture. 

There we go.  Not so much of a smile but he is getting long.  I should have been using the caterpillar the first 5 weeks. 

Not too many updates other than eating great, sleeping like a champ (6-7 hours a night consistently) which equates to growing and more growing.