Monday, April 21, 2014

GRANT: 5 months

Grant's personality is really starting to show this past month and we love all the grins and giggles.
Really, 5 months already?

Let's chew on that...

Yep - still 5 months.  I guess it really is true. :)

I am such a happy baby! 

I often have my hands up by my face.  My parents say it is a form of protection against my two older brothers.  I think my fingers/fist just taste good.

Where has the time gone? 

Let's get moving...I have to keep up. 

Grant is clearly teething and chews on EVERYTHING he can get into his mouth.   No teeth yet but I would bet they are coming soon.  Just for comparison purposes: Tyler got his first tooth on his 6th month birthday and Nathan was on his 5th month birthday.  We shall see when Grant's arrives... 

  • Grant is still wearing size 2 diapers but once he runs out of those already purchased we will be moving into size 3.
  • He is wearing 6-9 month clothing mostly.  Footie sleepers are most all 9 months because he is so long. 
  • Grant is still nursing and very happy doing so.  He has started to suck down his bottles at Ms. Michelle's a bit more quickly so he may be increasing his typically 4-5 oz. bottle every 3-4 hours to 6 oz. bottles.  I am going to have to work hard to keep up during my work day.
  • He is sleeping pretty well.  I just need to try to push back his bedtime.  He typically is ready for bed around 7-8 pm and then sleeps until 3-4am which is a good amount of time - just a bit early.  I actually don't mind too much since he nurses and goes right back to bed until 6:30 or so when it is time to get everyone up and ready for the day. 
  • Grant is getting so strong too!  He has always loved to stand but absolutely loves his exersaucer/jumper thing. He is also pushing all the way up on his arms and kicks his feet back and forth but no crawling movements yet.  Thank goodness!  (This was approximately when Nathan started crawling - yikes!)
  • Grant is very curious.  He is constantly watching his brothers, what I am doing in the kitchen, the TV, people in the grocery store...pretty much whatever he can see he watches with great interest.  I wish I knew what was going on in that noggin of his.  :)
  • He really is such a happy baby and by far our easiest in comparison at the 5 month mark. KNOCK ON WOOD!  I know I should not have put this in writing but he deserves the credit.  I hope the easy going, laid back, happy kid continues! 
  • We adore all his smiles and his dimple.  The giggles are awesome too!  How can you not be happy and have a huge smile of your own when you hear a baby giggle?   Pure joy! 

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  1. Honestly, 5 months? SO glad he's not crawling yet! Ha!