Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tyler's First Mizzou Basketball Game

We took Tyler to his first Mizzou basketball game on Monday against K-State.  It was a 4:30 game so we thought he would be able to stay awake and he sure did (this kid usually goes to bed between 7:30 and 8).  Tyler was really into it, clapping when we scored and even putting his arms up for three pointers.  He is so smart...and fed off the crowd really well.  My favorite part was watching his eyes light up when the band played the fight song.  I have been singing it to him since he was born and it is one of his favorites.  He will even let out an occasional "zooo-rah...ahhhhh"  The ahhhh is in a higher pitch and meant to mimic the Tigers part of "Mizzou-rah Tigers!"  Come on, I know you guys are saying it in your head. 

He was a little annoyed in this photo that there was a break in the action. 

After the game, we celebrated the Tiger victory with dinner at Shakespeare's Pizza with grandma and grandpa, who also went to the game.  I love their wheat crust pizza!  Amazing! 

We hope Tyler gets to see many more MU victories in the future. 

16 months old!

Okay, so this post is almost a week late.  Sorry!  Tyler turned 16 months old last Friday (1-14-11).  We started off the morning with a trip to Children's Hospital for a routine visit to the eye doctor for Tyler.  They said his vision is still doing great even with the hemangioma on his eye lid.  We go back in May for another brain scan to check vision for a little man and a check up with one of the leading pediatric ophthalmologist in the country.  We are so blessed to have such great doctors so close.  For those of you who don't know the details of Tyler's eye - so far it really has not been a big deal.  Seems to be more cosmetic than anything and the hope of the dermatologist, ophthalmologist and us is that it will go away on it's own soon.  Until then, we will continue to be proactive and make sure his vision is not at all affected by the annoying little bump (looks like a sty on his upper eye lid).

Happy 16 month birthday, Tyler!  Look how big he is getting.  He just climbs up in his chair, smiles for the camera and gets down to continue playing. 

After lots of play time, shooting some "bassetball" (basketball) and reading lots of "bookas" (books), we napped and prepared for a night out with Grandma and Grandpa watching high school basketball games at WHS.  We saw some really good games including cross-town rival, Borgia, who lost a close game in overtime.  Next up was the WHS game.  Tyler and I left shortly after half time to head to bed.  It was 8:30 and way past his normal bedtime.  He did have a good time taking over GG's (my Grandma Wood) seat while she was up at half time.

Tyler thinking he is hot stuff in GG's seat. 

Other fun things we are doing recently include:

1. Getting the milk out by himself (he wants to do everything by himself)
2. Closing the door when ever we leave a room (sometimes even before I can get out!)
3. Making animal noises for cow ("moooo"), sheep ("baa"), goat ("baa") and rooster ("cock doodle do" or often just "cock" which gets a laugh and he loves it!)  We have been singing a lot of Old McDonald had a Farm so the past several days every animal simply says "ee i ee i ee i ee i"  You are thinking it only has 2 ee i's but not for Tyler - it just keeps going.  Pretty funny stuff.  I will have to get a video soon. 

Anyway, we are having so much fun watching and listening to our favorite little man learn new words daily.  I will try to document many of them in the blog for my own memory lane later on and often for a bit of humor. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

More Wedding Photos...Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Enjoy more party pics from the Zick-Jones Wedding.  Many of these are thanks to Aunt Sandy since I was not carrying my camera around that night - no place to hide it in a short strapless dress. 

Happy New Year - don't we look festive?

I am not sure if Tyler was screaming or singing.  He was a trooper. 

Grandpa and Tyler.  Grandpa loves this little boy!

Julie and Ali discussing something funny. 

Kyle, Mom will never stop giving you direction. :)

Zach, Anna and Krista lighting up the dance floor.  I love how Anna is showing off her saxophone skills.

Krista and Anna.  Beautiful!

Cousins pic. 

Krista, Bob and Kyle in deep discussion.  Gee, I hope it was not politics.

Adam and the Harms Family. 

Grandpa and Grandma - a nice photo but would have been better with Grandma's eyes open. :)

Nancy and Mrs. & Mr. Carter

Wood kids - Susan, Mike, Wendy (mom with her mouth open), Patty, Sandy and Frank

Just the girls - Susan, Wendy, Grandma, Sandy and Patty

Breaking it down...

Kisses for Krista

And for mom - watch out for that bling on my hand!

Sandy wants in on the action giving Krista kisses too!

Aww...I love this one.  Kyle and Grandma.

Senior bridesmaids and Maggie...or so they called themselves.

Showing a little leg.

Father/daughter dance - very nice!

Cousins break it down....kinda. :)

Yea, Jeanne!  Finally, on the other end of the camera!  Looking good.

Maggie and Grandma Zick. 

Dad in true party fashion with a Bud. 

Krista and Grandma ready to ring in the New Year.

Ross, Steve and Jeff ready for 2011!

Loving the boa.  Yikes!

Happy New Year!

Kyle & Maggie, we had a blast at your wedding.  Here's to a great 2011!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kyle & Maggie's Wedding Day!

Kyle and Maggie's wedding day was wonderful! After some scary storms that morning while we were getting our hair and makeup done, things calmed down and it turned out perfect! Get ready for a lot of pictures!

Maggie looked beautiful and calm as can be. 

She was all smiles.

I was less than glamorous trying to corral Tyler and get him dressed. 

Tyler was trying to help. 

My mom and I pose for a photo.  She looks stunning!

Our perfect little ring bearer sporting the Chuck Taylor shoes from Aunt Maggie and Uncle Kyle.

Tyler and Grandpa

He was so excited and didn't mind being dressed up at all!

I love this little boy!  Isn't he handsome?

Tyler and Daddy - too bad they don't look alike! Ha!

Josh and Tyler.  Tyler looks a bit scared! 

My little brother waiting for his bride. 

Maggie and her dad coming down the aisle.  (Sorry for the poor photo quality!)

Another shot of Kyle watching Maggie - so sweet!

Give mom a hug and kiss - made me tear up a bit. 

Hugs to the Jones parents too. 

I love Maggie's face in this one as Kyle almost knocked down the candle several times. 

At the alter.


Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Zick!

The wedding wore poor Tyler out!  Thank goodness for Aunt Sandy.  She was in charge of Tyler during the wedding.  Tyler was soooo good and we are soooo thankful for Aunt Sandy!   Tyler didn't get to sleep long as family pictures followed quickly after the wedding. 

Maggie is looking good and ready to party!

Jeff had to ruin the photo with a beer.

So I decided to join in. :)


Adam and Kyle.

My little brother - all married up!

I was taking beers to the back of the bus, I promise!

Josh Wehmeyer and Ali

My new sister! 

Our one family photo of the night did not turn out too hot, oh well!

The reception was beautiful we were ready to kick it off!

Erin Wood and Jeff Wesselschmidt

Kyle & Maggie's first dance.

Maggie and Dude.

Tyler and Daddy playing.

Tyler was a dancing machine!  He loved the band!

He found a friend to dance with too.  Tyler did try to climb on stage several times! 

So I have posted more photos than most of you probably care to look at and so I will break up the posts and do more family photos/dancing action photos coming soon....I know the suspense is intense!