Monday, April 28, 2014

Grant tries cereal!

The day after Grant turned 5 months old, I thought we would give cereal a try.  Grant often sits on my lap during meals and is always grabbing at my utensils and constantly watches his brothers take their spoon/fork from their plates to their mouths.  I thought he was ready for his turn.

He was intrigued by the new texture and I would say he was able to keep about half of the cereal we put in his mouth.  I considered it a success! 

A few days later we gave it another go.  

He thought he was ready to try it himself...I am not giving up that control yet.  I am pretty confident he would simply gag himself with the spoon. 

Overall, this is how Grant feels about trying his new food.  

I haven't geared up to making his baby food yet but know it is coming soon.  How did this cutie get ready for baby food so fast? 

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  1. Love that last pic! What a gorgeous little boy... and that dimple!