Sunday, July 28, 2013

BBQ at GG Zick's turned sprinkler fun

Uncle Stu and Aunt Barb were in town and we had a big, hot outdoor BBQ to get together to celebrate. 
A simple BBQ turned into this...
Running through the sprinker in your undies!  Fortunately, only the kiddos took part.  (I was really was HOT!) 

Nathan was a bit more cautions with the water but loved running around with just a diaper (and Crocs). 

Hadley had to eat before playing in the water with dad.  She was also focused on destroying centerpieces.  I had put the camera away before we stripped her down and let her cool off. 

We love summer nights!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Yes, I realize it is July 26th.  At least we are in the same month...
We celebrated 4th of July with the traditional Main Street Parade hosted by Great Aunt Susan, Uncle Steve and Zach.   You can see previous year posts 2012 and 2011.  It is amazing to see how much the boys have grown!
This is scary! 
We have taught Tyler that motorcycle riders are crazy. 
But it still looks cool, mom!

Preparing for the start of the parade.

Tyler played his homemade drum (a dollar store bucket with a ribbon through it to keep it around his neck) with spoons in the first part of the parade.  He decided to run to keep up with his friend on her bike. 
Tyler switched instruments half way through the parade to the recorder.  And he got his picture in the NEWSPAPER!  Tyler was so excited!  Thanks, Aunt Jeanne! :)

Aunt Susan and GG.  Yep, this is my family.  :)
It is good to see that getting married doesn't impact you overall maturity too much.

Grandma was awesome to pick up Nathan so he wouldn't be left behind the rest of the parade.  Notice he only has part of a recorder in his hand.  I am not sure what happened to the bottom half of it.

Uncle Frank was sporting his...patriotic side?!? 
Yes, this is the principal of our school district's high school.  So proud!  ;)

Is this not adorable?  I don't know this little boy but he sure looked good in his convertible power wheel. 

Whew!  The 6 block parade meant it was time for a popcicle!
Uncle Sam/Nathan enjoyed a cookie after the parade. 
Nathan saw Zach juggling and gave it a shot.  Needless to say throwing two balls on the ground does not consitute juggling, but it was pretty cute. 
To top off the morning, the boys got to ride an antique fire truck around Downtown Washington with Susan and Zach.  Tyler rang the bell 8,264,789 times...or so. 

Excited for their ride!

More bell ringing...
After the parade and fire truck ride we enjoyed a great BBQ. 
Tyler helped me decorate the 4th of July cupcakes.  He was in charge of the star sprinkles and flags.  He took his job VERY seriously. 
We also made some patriotic strawberries.  #pinterest idea
My boys LOVE strawberries to begin with...add white chocloate or frosting and some colored sugar = SMILES!   
Later that night we headed to the park to watch the firewoorks.  Nathan was well excited to have a seat just his size. 
Tyler fell out of his chair.  Silly boy!
Tyler tangled in his chair.
It finally got dark and the fireworks started.  Tyler loved hanging with dad watching the different shapes and colors. 

Nathan had a perfect view on Popo's shoulders. 
Nathan only lasted about 10 minutes into the show and then fell asleep on Grandma's lap.  It was waaaaay past the boys normal bedtime. 

Happy (belated) Independence Day, America! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Field Trip Friday: Botanical Gardens with the Wades

We spent a georgous morning at the Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago with my dear friend, Heather Wade and her two adorable kiddos.  GG joined too!  I always appreciate an extra set of hands, eyes and adult conversation - thanks GG!
Tyler insisted on holding Owen's hand.  They were so cute. 

Ringing the bell tree.

The place is absolutely stunning. 

If you have kiddos and you haven't been to the Children's Garden, you MUST check it out.  It is awesome.  We really just walked directly to it and spent all of our time there. 
Tyler enjoys new adventures each time we go. 
Owen and I took a venture into a cave. 
He was a bit hesitant at first.  One of the guides gave him a flashlight which made it a-okay.   

Tyler got to dress like a butterfly.  The staff tried to explain pollination but he was really just interested in running around flapping his arms/wings. 

The butterfly took off for the playground.  GG and Mama Cooper stood watch over Baby Millie (I cannot believe I didn't get a photo of her!) and our gear. 

Next up was the little water spray park.  Lots of parents are smart enough to bring swimming suits for their kids.  I had completely forgotten about this part of the garden.  #momfail  I gave Tyler the green light as I happened to have a back up set of clothes with us. 

Nathan was a bit cautious (this is rare) and didn't get too wet at all. 

Tyler, on the other hand, was soaked. 
We were able to get the boys out of the water to enjoy a picnic lunch.  Warning:  You are not supposed to picnic in the gardens, but we didn't know before arriving and decided to eat our picnic lunch regardless.  What was the worst that was going to happen...they kick us out?  We were headed home after lunch to take naps anyway. :)
It was an awesome day with even more amazing company! :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Field Trip Wednesday: Purina Farms

I had some extra days off from work in June so we spent some of the time extra day trips.  Purina Farms is the perfect distance from our house as we can make it and get it all in BEFORE nap time!  We were thankful GG Wood could join us for the morning too!
A wheel to turn is always an attraction for Tyler.  He doesn't care what it turns. 

I love these tables filled with corn and tractors to play with.  Genius!  Again, Tyler could stay here and play for hours. 

But there were cows to see.  Tyler waited in line for a bit to get to milk a cow but chickened out.  I learned that a dairy cow produces 100 pounds of milk a day.  I am thinking that we may need to get a dairy cow in the backyard to keep enough milk in this house for three growing boys in the years to come.  Do you think that is against subdivision restrictions?  :)

Tyler really wanted to feed the animals and was not afraid to stick his hands in their stalls. 

Even though Nathan's legs are not quite long enough to reach the pedals, he was still in love with walking this tractor around.  We have one of these in the garage so soon enough, Nathan, your legs will be able to reach the pedals. 

Next up was the dog show and the boys were loving the music they played to get the crowd excited. 

The dogs and trainers are truly amazing. 

Cool, eh?

The boys, GG and I had a great time at Purina Farms.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Take me out to the ball game!

While Grandma and Popo Zick were out of town we were luck enough to get their Cardinal tickets!  We decided it would be the one game of the season that all four (five) of us would go to.  (It is not exactly relaxing to watch a game with Nathan!)  Since Aunt Patty went with us too, it started raining shortly after arriving at the stadium and we had about a 1 hour delay (Patty has been to lots of rain delay games this season). 
The boys watching a movie on the way to the game.   The rule in our car is we don't allow movies to be played unless we are going somewhere 30 minutes or more away.  Tyler asked for it the minute we got into the car to go to the game.  How did he know how far of a drive it was going to be?

I am not sure I love anything more than a little boy in a baseball cap...eating popcorn before the game. 

I think my camera lens (little camera) must have fogged up with the rain outside.  Why does Tyler not cooperate for photos?

Mommy and Nathan. 
Yes, I am pretty sure Nathan ate his way through the entire rain delay and game.  We made it until the 8th inning.  If it wasn't for the rain delay, we would have made it through the whole game.  Nathan was passed out by the time we hit the highway.  Tyler made it all the way home (10pm) because "I have to help Daddy drive." 

Attempt at a family photo...neither child is looking.
Wait...I had this one on my phone.  3 out of 4...I will take it!
Nathan and Daddy.  Too sweet! :)

A little early for double fisting, Nathan!
We had a fun time watching the Cardinals although I am thinking we will keep watching the birds on TV for a few more years before games become a regular outing.  I didn't see too much of the game between handing out snacks, drinks and taking little boys to the bathroom.