Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Monkey Joes

This post is very delayed.  The reason for the delay is becasue it was the same day I took the laptop in for repair because my sweet little boy stepped on the laptop (my fault for leaving it on the floor) and cracked the housing around the screen as well as the hinge on one side. Glad to have my computer back and lots of posts to catch up on...

Several Fridays ago, we decided to head to Monkey Joes.   If you haven't heard, Monkey Joes is an indoor bounce house for kids.  Zach was able to join us for the day.  There were some activities that Tyler loved...and some he didn't. 

Tyler kept trying to pick up or push these giant blocks around but they were attached which caused a bit of frustration.

Tyler quickly made friends.

He LOVED the slide!

This is Tyler not loving it.  He did not like being enclosed.
He may be slightly closterfobic like his Grandma Zick and Great Grandma Wood.
I think the picture is a classic!

Tyler took the opportunity to jump on Zach - probably his favorite part of the day!  Sorry, Zach!

He also had fun driving the car.  Notice it says "Insert coins..."  Tyler was perfectly happy simply turning the wheel which requires no money - my kinda game! :)

It is a fun place and if you haven't checked it out - I recommend it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fair Fun!

We only ventured out to the fair with Tyler once (on Saturday afternoon) and while he had a fine time, we are very appreciative to the family that watched him on each of the nights:
Wednesday: Great Aunt Patty
Thursday: Aunt Jenny and Uncle Ryan
Friday: Great Aunt Sandy and Great Uncle Bob (while we were at the wedding)
Saturday: Grandma and Grandpa Francis
Sunday: Great Grandma and Grandpa Wood
Have I ever mentioned how much I love, love, love living in the same town as all of my family?  I do!

Enjoy some photos of Tyler's fair trip this year...
We watched these kids from America's Got Talent ride motorcycles in this cage while we enjoyed some "fair food."  Ummm...only time of the year when you can have a waffle ice cream sandwich.  
I cannot image being the parents of this 8 and 13-year old and saying "Sure, go ride motorcycles in there and try not to kill each other..." CRAZY!

On to Agriland where Tyler was in love with the corn.  For those of you who have never experienced the fair - it is like a huge sand box only with corn.  There are also areas of wheat and soybeans, but we stuck to corn. 

Tyler l.o.v.e.d. it! 

When we were finally out of the corn, it was on to the animals.  Here Tyler is laughing after telling us the rooster says "Cock...dol do"  (close, right?)

He wanted to pet EVERY animal.  Tyler has NO fear!  He also told us what every animal says too. 
Tyler pet the baby cow... 

....and the lamb,

and the goat! 

He was such a good boy in Agriland that he got to pick out a "trator."  He was very specific and did not want a loader but one with a cab.  It was pretty hot so we then got some ice cream and headed for Grandmas. 
We did ride one ride but he wasn't that impressed and since I am not a fan of the rides/carnies I was pretty happy we could get away with only one.  I am not sure that will be the case next year...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jon and Andrea's Wedding

Jeff and I missed the Friday night of the Fair (gasp!) for the wedding of Jon Martin and Andrea Murphy.  I must admit when we got the invitation in the mail and it said and outdoor garden wedding in August...and fair weekend, I thought they were crazy.  Not just due to the fair but it is usually one of the hottest weeks of the year.  Luckily for Jon and Andrea (and everyone in attendance) it did cool off a bit and was pretty comfortable.  Jeff and I had a nice night out with friends. 

I thought it was sweet that Jon walked in with his parents. 
(Please excuse my lack of editing around the photo.)

He comes the bride!

I thought this photo of Jon's parents was sweet.  They are such nice people!

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Martin


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Play day with good friends!

We had missed several field trip Fridays due to the car being in the shop and then Tyler was ill the following week.  This past Friday we were ready to have some fun. We had the perfect day with one of my favorite people in all the world - Heather Cooper Wade!  I still call her Coop and probably always will. She and her wonderful family live near Seattle so I haven't seen her since last September - she was home just in time for Tyler's 1st birthday party and was expecting Baby Wade at the time.

I follow her blog, but hadn't met little Owen in the flesh yet.  Thankfully, Coop was home visiting family and invited us for a play day at her parents house. Tyler and I were so excited to meet her 7-month old son, Owen. Owen is so small compared to my huge almost 2 year old and I loved holding him and watching him play.

Isn't he so cute?   I love that he is already a little Tiger fan too.  His daddy (an Illinois grad) is just going to have to deal with the Mizzou traditions in his household.  Owen, like Tyler, loves the Mizzou Fight Song!

Coop is such a wonderful mom and it is so fun to see her with her sweet baby boy. 

This photo cracks me up as the boys have the same expression.  It is as if they are saying "the camera...again?"

This is as close as we got to smiles...why do little kids never cooperate when in photos together? 
Oh, well.  I guess we will just have to get together again soon! 
We had a great time.  A big thanks for Coop's parents for allowing us to come over and play AND for making us a great lunch! 

We miss you already Coop and Owen!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Catching up...

It has been a while since I last posted.  Sorry!  We have been busy, as always!  The Monday after Julie's shower Tyler woke up with a fever and had it for 4 days.  It got up to 105 upon which he immediately went into a cool bath.  I am not sure it helped but it sure made me feel better.  He hated it!  Aunt Sandy said it was a virus going around and it would take 4 days for him to break.  She was correct.  Friday morning, he woke up and thankfully, NO FEVER!  Yea!....Or so I thought.  He was still pretty cranky and not thrilled to play.  Needless to say, Field trip Friday did not happen. 

This is pretty much how he felt all week. 
We attempted to go to a 30th birthday BBQ party for Jeff Wesselschmidt and this was Tyler's reaction.  Not to mention it was 100 degrees outside.  We didn't stay too long.  Sorry, Jeff. 

Friday night after getting home from the BBQ attempt, it was time for bath and bed.  Tyler was still not happy and very unlike him cried when I put him down for bed.  The mean mom that I am just figured he would stop soon and go to sleep.  Wrong!  Instead, Tyler figured a way to climb out of his crib.   Great! (insert sarcasm here)  We put him back in his crib and immediately watched him climb out again.  It was pretty funny as he was very cautious lowering himself to the floor.  No more baby bed for this little man!

So Saturday, we introduced him to his "big boy" bed.   Luckily his crib converts so it wasn't totally new and the placement is the same. 

He was pretty excited!

Climbing in and out on his own is his favorite part.  On the floor is his "trumon" he sleeps with. 

So proud!

Big boy bed update: Saturday was the first night in the big boy bed and he did okay, but still not feeling great he wanted one of us to lay on the floor next to him while he went to sleep.   We then found out Sunday he had an ear infection too!  Ugh!  I would not recommend transitioning a child to a big boy/girl bed when they are sick as it is hard to be strict, but we didn't really  have a choice.  We have been now just trying in the last few days to stand at the door watching to make sure he stays in his bed.  It has been getting better.  Once he is asleep, he doesn't usually move from his bed until morning. 

Tyler has also given up his highchair (his choice) and now only wants to sit at table in a real chair.  I have a booster he sits in for meals that has a towel on the chair.  Our chair are upholstered in a cream colored fabric (not the best choice with a toddler).  If it were totally up to him, no booster would be needed either. 

As you can sense, Tyler is into the "big boy" world full swing now....if we could only get the "big boy" potty thing down.  Oh well!  Then it will just transition to "Mom, I need you to wipe me!"  I am pretty sure I will giggle every time that phrase is shouted. :)