Friday, April 4, 2014

Bike rides

We have taken advantage of any day that has included mild to warm temperatures to enjoy time outside.  It has been a long, cold winter cooped up inside with the boys.   
We broke out Tyler's bike and took it down to the trail.  The little two boys rode in the stroller.  Tyler got good and fast in a hurry.  We had to run on the trail to keep up with him which probably all bad but was unexpected.  :)

The Rocket!

I love this photo!
This is when he was still being nice and not going too fast. 
We let Nathan pick something fun to do since he just got to ride in the stroller the first bike ride of the season and he was NOT thrilled about it.  Nathan got talked into making his choice Dairy Delight for cheeseburgers.  It was a fun Sunday afternoon.
This first bike ride of the year also prompted Nathan to ask for a bike too.
Luckily for him, his birthday was right around the corner...
We went to Wal-Mart to see if his feet could even reach the pedals on one and indeed they could on the smallest one.  I ordered one from Amazon that night!
He saw it when it arrived on the front porch and since the weather was nice that day, Dad put it together in the garage right away.  Nathan had his helmet on, ready to go. 

He got a little impatient with Dad.  He doesn't like to wait.
Nathan working on his pedaling.

We had to take a little break to watch the train go by. 
Grandma watched Grant for us while we took the big boys to the trail to ride. 
I posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook with the caption: "My future's so bright I gotta wear shades." :)
We have also done some riding of bikes/tractors in the back yard when possible too. 

These last two photos are from a while ago but fit with the blog. :) 

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