Monday, February 25, 2013

11 Months!

Yes, this post is over a week late.  It may have been because we were in Arkansas over his actual 11 month birthday so even the photos are a day late or it could be because Nathan has been off and on sick with the croup and other illnesses or a host of other excuses.  Needless to say we have been busy. 
We are just about to celebrate our baby boy's 1st birthday...hard to believe!  (Golly, I guess I need to get the invites ordered too!)  At the same time it is hard to believe Nathan has only been here for only 11 months. 
I will let the photos give a good majority of Nathan's 11 month update. 
Nathan can pretty serious and is very analytical. 

He has lots of funny faces. 

The Nathan we see most of the time is very fun and happy!

Look at all those teeth!  He has 8 of them currently and if you look close you can see the huge lump on his gums... he is working on getting the two bottom molars.

Nathan rarely sits still.  He is A.L.W.A.Y.S. moving!

I think he looks giant in this photo...probably because he is!  He weighed in at 23 lbs today at the doctors office. 

Mom, are you still taking pictures?
And, yes, that is the remnants of a black eye on his left eye (a separate blog post coming about this topic). 

Crazy hair...he needs another haircut (going on haircut #3).

We sure do love this sweet little boy!

He loves to ride on Mater. 

The school bus with balls and music is one of his favorite toys.

Oh, and we have a climber.  So much so that we have secured all bookshelves, dressers, etc. to the walls.  I know we probably should have done this when Tyler was little but it never crossed my mind that Tyler would climb up them...Nathan is a different story.  
Climbing on the construction site...

Onto the toy box...

Success and a few dance moves before he was onto the couch. 

Not too many updates from last month other than he is talking more and saying more words.  He loves to repeat sounds

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tap Dancing

I never thought with two boys that I would have a blog post titled "Tap Dancing."
Tyler is too funny and when he started his tap dancing in his ski boots in the middle of the ski lodge, I had to turn on the video on my phone. 
Isn't he hillarious?  I am not sure he is ready for Broadway, but he has some skill, eh?
I pretty sure Jeff is not signing him up for dance class any time soon though. ;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tyler's First Ski Trip

 We took Tyler out to Utah for his first ski trip at the end of January.  He did great for a 3-year old and more importantly he LOVED it! 
Tyler was a trooper.  On the first day we had a long walk from the car to the ski area.  If you have ever skied, ski boots are NOT comfortable but Tyler never once complained. 
Snowbird - Day 1 Resort

Getting his skis on for the first time.  Popo was a big help!

There he goes getting the feel for it with Popo.

He would watch his "skates" a lot.  We kept having to tell him "Head up, Tyler." 

On the flat spots we had to give him a little push sometimes since he wasn't skiing with poles.

Tyler's first lift ride.  Tyler call the lifts swings.  He would say "Mommy, I want to ride the swings again."  I was nervous how he would do on the lift because sitting still is not his forte, but he was awesome and would look around and say "Wow, it's beautiful!"  I couldn't have said it better myself, Tyler! 

This little boy L.O.V.E.S. his Grandma.  Grandma sat with him in the afternoon on day one and he napped on her.  Yes, Tyler still usually takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon and skiing will wear you out.  I asked him if he wanted to sit with me to give Grandma a break and he definitively said "No, I want Grandma." 

How can you not think this is an amazing way to spend an afternoon?  A gorgeous view, great company and a beer!

Park City Mountain Resort
Day 2 Resort

Kyle, Pirate (I will explain in just a bit) and Raz

My hubby and I - this photo was taken on Jeff's birthday.  Aunt Barb was kind enough to watch both boys and we enjoyed the day together skiing - it was perfect!

Tyler and the Pirate.  Tyler called poor Wallace a pirate the entire was pretty hysterical.  Wallace was awesome with Tyler!  In this photo they are making their pirate faces. 

Evidence that Nathan was on vaction with us.  Aunt Barb was amazing and watched Nathan each day.  It was such a special treat we were not expecting.  It meant both Jeff and I got to watch Tyler learn how to ski together...what an awesome gift!

Barb and Stu's kitchen was bustling with activity each night.  They truly are the best hosts!

Yep, Tyler and his Grandma again...reading books before bed.

Jeff's birthday pies - three candles in each for 33!  My husband is getting old!

Day 3 Resort

More skiing photos!

Thanks, Kyle!  Kyle was awesome skiing with Tyler.  Tyler would talk about Kyle non-stop after the ski trip.  "Uncle Kyle is my best friend."  "I am going to ski fast like Uncle Kyle." 
Tyler had quite the audience.

Ross, Mom and Julie talking ski strategy.  ;)

There he goes.  We told Tyler to put his hands on his knees and he was an excellent listener.  If only he would listen that well all the time...

This might be one of my favorite photos from the trip. 
Tyler told me at one point on the trip "Mommy, my skates (he often called his skis skates) are too slow!"  My thought was "Oh, great!  In a few years, I won't be able to keep up with him." 

Yes, I realize Tyler looks upside down.  This is how he would lay in the snow after he fell.  He would just lay there and wait for one of us to ski up to him to pick him up.  I will give him that it is not easy to get up on skis, especially on some of the flat surfaces we had him try, but come on, Tyler!

The orange band between his skis is called an Edgy Wedgy and it was quite possibly the best $10 we spent on the trip.  It prevented Tyler's skis from going too far apart.

Man down.

Deer Valley Resort
Day 4 resort was for skiers only (meaning no snowboards)

We were so proud of our little skier.  More importantly, he had a great time and LOVED it meaning we can and WILL do it again. 

This is not the end of Tyler's ski trip posts.  I have several videos to download from my phone and Kyle has lots of video from the GoPro cameras we had on the trip too - at times we had up to three of them going.  I also have a lot more photos from our last day in Utah when we just enjoyed playing in the snow as a family and Nathan got to join us then too!  Stay tuned! :)