Monday, December 23, 2013

Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus

This past Saturday we enjoyed getting to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus in Downtown Washington.  The weather was pretty cold and rainy but that didn't stop us for getting this crucial holiday item checked off our list. 
Tyler was thrilled to see Santa again.  Nathan, on the other hand, was a bit leery of the big guy. 

Mrs. Claus was quick to say that Santa couldn't hold all three and that she should hold the baby. 

Jeff thinks matching shirts are cheesy and that the boys will hate me for it someday.  If they grow up and hate me just for this...I think I am doing okay. :)  I saw the idea online and in my "free time" made a few of them.  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear them all together. 

Grant just yawned.  He was not impressed.

Our visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus was a success.  There were no tears, the boys got candy canes and Tyler, again, told Santa he would like some presents for Christmas. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow Fun: 2013

Last Saturday, 12/14, we woke up to several inches of snow.  Uncle Kyle called promptly at 8am ready to meet up to go sleigh riding.  We agreed to meet over at Grandma and Grandpas so Grandma could watch Grant while Jeff, Kyle and I took Tyler, Nathan and Hadley out to play in the snow. 
Warning: there are a LOT of photos!
Hadley was such an easy subject to photograph in the snow because she didn't attempt to go anywhere.  Luckily, Nathan's snowsuit from last year fit her perfectly.

Nathan was busy checking it all out with dad.

I love Hadley's smile in this photo!

It was much easier to pull these three on the sled to our hill then to have them attempt to walk. 

I probably should have been helping get the kiddos ready for their first trip down the hill but I just took photos of the dads. ;)

Ready, set, GO!

Here is a video of Kyle and Hadley sledding.


Tyler preparing to go by himself.



Time for a snow snack.

Inside for fresh baked cookies!  Thanks, Grandma!
I am not sure why Nathan was upset...

While the kiddos and I were inside warming up and eating, Uncle Kyle built this snowman. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Little Rascals Christmas Program

Tyler had his school, Little Rascals, Christmas program last Thursday.  It was very chaotic with all the kids and parents in a gym.  The kids were running around and parents were trying to find kids, grandparents, save seats, etc.  It was hilarious. 
Tyler before the concert and dressed to impress.  He calls this is "I look like dad outfit."   Jeff has a shirt just like this one that they both have worn to church together before.

Tyler was in the second row and attempted to move his way to the front during the performance.  The kiddos all looked so cute.  The kids in Tyler's class, the Playful Puppies, sang "I'll be Home for Christmas," "The Lights on the Tree" and "We are Christmas Lights." 
Aunt Jeanne got some photos at the program too that can be seen on here  There is also a video here.
The video did not focus on the kids as much as the audience's hair in front of me.  I was attempting to watch and record.  Lesson learned.
The kids sand LOUDLY and since they were in a long line it turned out to be a bit of a round.  Still very cute. 

Maggie, Kyle and Hadley attended and obviously, Hadley wasn't impressed.  It was past her bedtime in this photo.  Poor girl!  They were able to knock out two family members since Maggie's nephew, Kellen, also performed. 

Daddy kept Nathan entertained. 

Grandma Francis and Matthew chatted after the performance.

Tyler visited with his friends while waiting to see Santa.

This was the line to see Santa and there was a similar line on the other side of the stage. Tyler was fairly patient and very excited.

Here are two of Tyler's amazing teachers: Ms. Sharon (left) and Ms. Ashley (right).

Tyler and Ms. Carla.  He didn't get a photo with Ms. Cheryl.  We are blessed for him to have such amazing teachers!

Ms. Brenda does and exceptional job keeping everything organized at Little Rascals.  Tyler adores her.  He was pretty thrilled to meet Santa.

When Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas Tyler said, "Presents!" 

Santa: "What kind of presents?"
Tyler: "Red and green and blue ones." 
Easy enough!

Getting his present!


I love his sweet excitement!  Christmas is so much more fun with kids.  They radiate the spirit of the season.