Monday, May 11, 2015

How could I forget to post these ski photos?

We splurged on some photos on the mountain and then I forget to post them in our ski trip blog.  
Oy vey!  

We are so lucky that our boys love skiing as much as we do!  
Soon enough Grant will be able to join us on the mountain too! 

Ski trip group shot (minus Patty and Grant).  
I love this one too!  

Such fun memories!  

Friday, May 1, 2015

Ski Trip - December 2015

I was up at 2am December 26th to finish getting the car packed to load 3 boys, a husband and pick up my parent before leaving by 3am.  I am happy to report that we were on the road by 2:45!  

The boys were in the back of the Suburban for the entire trip.  And yes, they wore their matching TMNT PJs the whole trip too including a stop into an IHOP and Wendy's to eat.  They wore slippers into gas stations for potty breaks.  I am sure we looked really classy.  Thank goodness for the built in DVD player and two screens!  

These first two photos were my view for most of the 17 hour drive.  Yes, we did it straight through.  My husband and father really like to drive!   The boys were amazing and we didn't have a meltdown until the last 30 minutes of the drive up the mountain to our condo when Grant lost it.  He was done.  It may have been the altitude but I am pretty sure he just wanted out of his car seat.  I wanted out of my seat too so I can only imagine how he felt.  He screamed the last 30 minutes of the drive.  All in all, the kids were AMAZING!  

So excited to get to the condo, get baths and fresh jammies!  

The next morning we were off to pick up our skis and hit the slopes!  
Nathan was pretty excited about his gear.  He felt like a super hero!  He is the only person on the planet who LOVES ski boots and would wear them around the condo.  

First time on skis at only 2 years old.  #luckykid

Tyler is an old pro.  Second ski trip at 5 years old.  

Mom and Susan looking good at our lunch stop.  :)

Doesn't it just look like Heaven?  

I mean seriously!  Stunning landscape.  To be able to enjoy this with my family is amazing!  

Warming up at lunch with Aunt Patty.  
Let me say that Aunt Patty was such a blessing to have on this trip.  She stayed back with Grant and allowed Jeff and I to bring the big boys back at lunch for naps and an afternoon of adult skiing.  

Night skiing looks so neat...and cold.  We had 5 days of daytime skiing so we didn't think we needed nighttime skiing too.  

"Look here boys." 


Getting closer. 

This is as good as it was going to get.  

Snow angles while waiting for the condo shuttle.  

Gosh he looks so big!

The kids didn't ski one day.  It was -3° at the base which meant it was probably -20° at the top.  Jeff, Dad and I skied in the morning and had some great runs as it was not crowded at the top of the mountain at all...and we went to the VERY top!  It was so cold and pretty that I took out my phone to snap a photo and it immediately shut off.  Apparently iPhones do not approve of -20° or colder weather.  

Rather than go back out after lunch we decided to take the boys to Downtown Steamboat and walk around.  We went to the candy factory and to Lyon Drugstore for old fashioned ice cream!  

This was mine!  Yum!  

Next we were off to F.M. Light & Sons.  Tyler tried on this cowboy hat that was $289.  Um, no.  Sorry, T.  

He did get a sheriff badge from one of the store clerks and he was just as happy with it.  

We found a little kid playground area inside one of the shopping centers.  

The next day it was sunny (still cold but not nearly as bad) and so we were back to the slopes!  

This was our last day of skiing and Tyler was really starting to get it on his own.  We were so proud.  

More Tyler.  

I need to work on our Go Pro video to get some of Nathan to share too.  He did great but wanted to hold on to someone's poles when he skied.  I would occasionally let go of my poles and let him ski on his own.  He was great until he figured out that he got too far away from me and that I wasn't holding on so he would freak out and fall over.  He is only 2 but he is going to be a great skier one day.  He loved the setting and all the gear!  He just needs a bit more confidence!  

Along with skiing, there was also lot of time for cuddling and reading books.  

Plenty of tablet time too.  Tyler played on the iPad or tablet for a good majority of the 16-17 hour ride home.  Good thing I charged several power banks before we left Colorado.  He did learn the states, state capitals and is starting to learn their flags too.  #nerdalert

We also ate a lot!  It was great to have a full kitchen with the whole crew so we could fix dinners.  

This little man was such a trooper on the long car ride, cold weather and not really any 1 year old events planned.  He did get plenty of cuddles and sure does love his Aunt Patty!