Monday, April 28, 2014

Grant tries cereal!

The day after Grant turned 5 months old, I thought we would give cereal a try.  Grant often sits on my lap during meals and is always grabbing at my utensils and constantly watches his brothers take their spoon/fork from their plates to their mouths.  I thought he was ready for his turn.

He was intrigued by the new texture and I would say he was able to keep about half of the cereal we put in his mouth.  I considered it a success! 

A few days later we gave it another go.  

He thought he was ready to try it himself...I am not giving up that control yet.  I am pretty confident he would simply gag himself with the spoon. 

Overall, this is how Grant feels about trying his new food.  

I haven't geared up to making his baby food yet but know it is coming soon.  How did this cutie get ready for baby food so fast? 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Messy Play Night!

We went to Messy Play Night last Wednesday at East Central College.
Play-doh station was up first. 

Cookie decorating!

Both boys more interested in eating the icing than decorating. 
We met up with Hadley, Brynn and Kellen at the cookie decorating table too!

This sweet face talked the icing lady into another spoonful. 

 Nathan was asking me for more cookie while Tyler finished his swiftly. 

Nathan finished his juice box while Tyler wrote a secret message in lemon juice that could be read when held up to a warm light.

Slime table!

Kyle and Hadley had fun in the shredded paper pit. :)

Cookie face that wasn't too sure about the slime.
Shredded paper fun!  I am still finding little bits of paper around our house even though when we got home I instructed the kids to go straight to the bathroom for bath time. 



Colored ice with objects frozen in them.  Might be a fun idea for the bath tub.

Painting with fake flowers.

Look, dad!

More messy stuff...

Drool boy!
This little man is such a trooper behaving vey well while we cart him to all of his brothers' events. 

Preparing to marble paint.

Shake, shake, shake!

As you can see we had a fun night with lots of messes made.  Much more fun for me that it was not a mess made at my house! ;)  We will be back next year for more Messy Play Night!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Three Amigos!

When I was doing Grant's 5 month photos last week, Tyler and Nathan got a bit jealous that I was taking pictures of just Grant and they wanted in on the action. 
Our bright eyed baby boy surrounded by his big brothers.

The Three Amigos! 
Trouble with a capital "T" in a very short time, I am sure. 
After laying on the floor for a few minutes, Nathan climbed into the chair and said "cheese!"  I got the subtle hint that he wanted me to take his picture in the chair.  As often as I clamor for photos of our boys smiling, I wasn't going to pass up their willingness.  

I am pretty sure this will show up in a slide show at their weddings one day. 

These two are really playing well together most of the time.  The time apart during the day with Tyler at preschool and Nathan and Grant at Ms. Michelle's must make the heart grow fonder. 

I was pleased with this impromptu photo shoot so I decided to push my luck and add Grant in the mix. 

Mom, help!

I am not sure Grant every felt completely comfortable but who can blame him. 

These little guys sure are a lot of work and keep us on our toes, but we wouldn't change a thing. 
We sure are lucky to have them call us Mommy and Daddy!

Monday, April 21, 2014

GRANT: 5 months

Grant's personality is really starting to show this past month and we love all the grins and giggles.
Really, 5 months already?

Let's chew on that...

Yep - still 5 months.  I guess it really is true. :)

I am such a happy baby! 

I often have my hands up by my face.  My parents say it is a form of protection against my two older brothers.  I think my fingers/fist just taste good.

Where has the time gone? 

Let's get moving...I have to keep up. 

Grant is clearly teething and chews on EVERYTHING he can get into his mouth.   No teeth yet but I would bet they are coming soon.  Just for comparison purposes: Tyler got his first tooth on his 6th month birthday and Nathan was on his 5th month birthday.  We shall see when Grant's arrives... 

  • Grant is still wearing size 2 diapers but once he runs out of those already purchased we will be moving into size 3.
  • He is wearing 6-9 month clothing mostly.  Footie sleepers are most all 9 months because he is so long. 
  • Grant is still nursing and very happy doing so.  He has started to suck down his bottles at Ms. Michelle's a bit more quickly so he may be increasing his typically 4-5 oz. bottle every 3-4 hours to 6 oz. bottles.  I am going to have to work hard to keep up during my work day.
  • He is sleeping pretty well.  I just need to try to push back his bedtime.  He typically is ready for bed around 7-8 pm and then sleeps until 3-4am which is a good amount of time - just a bit early.  I actually don't mind too much since he nurses and goes right back to bed until 6:30 or so when it is time to get everyone up and ready for the day. 
  • Grant is getting so strong too!  He has always loved to stand but absolutely loves his exersaucer/jumper thing. He is also pushing all the way up on his arms and kicks his feet back and forth but no crawling movements yet.  Thank goodness!  (This was approximately when Nathan started crawling - yikes!)
  • Grant is very curious.  He is constantly watching his brothers, what I am doing in the kitchen, the TV, people in the grocery store...pretty much whatever he can see he watches with great interest.  I wish I knew what was going on in that noggin of his.  :)
  • He really is such a happy baby and by far our easiest in comparison at the 5 month mark. KNOCK ON WOOD!  I know I should not have put this in writing but he deserves the credit.  I hope the easy going, laid back, happy kid continues! 
  • We adore all his smiles and his dimple.  The giggles are awesome too!  How can you not be happy and have a huge smile of your own when you hear a baby giggle?   Pure joy! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Visit to the Firehouse!

After the Easter egg hunt on Saturday we headed to the firehouse.  Our local Parents as Teacher organization was hosting a morning to get some safety tips and check out the firehouse and trucks for kids and parents. 
I fed Grant in the car...poor kid gets fed in the car a LOT...while my mom took the boys to checkout the fire engine that was out back for the pancake breakfast that was also being held at the fire house that morning.  It was the place to be! 
Tyler and Nathan enjoyed checking out the wooden fire truck just their size.

And we got to see the Easter Bunny!  Check this off the list.
Side note: My kids have never been fearful of the large costume creatures of any kind...Easter Bunny, Truman at Mizzou games, Santa...none.  I assume that is an okay thing NOT to be afraid, right?

I think it is such an excellent idea for the kids to get to see a fire person (to be politically correct) in all their gear so heaven forbid a fire was to happen and a kid was inside they would potentially be a little less scared to go to the firefighter for help. 
Also, notice Jeanne snapping photos.  That will come into play in a moment.

Nathan did have to warm up to the guy with a huge tank and mask on that sounded funny.  Thanks, Grandma, for helping him know it was okay.
How cute are these two standing next to each other listening?  I wish they would pay attention to me like this! ;)
The firefighters wanted to empty the water truck so they let the kids spray the hose.  Tyler was first in line for this activity.


Nathan had to think about it and after deciding that it was okay, waited in line patiently.

Next it was off to check out the fire fighting modes of transportation - the fire engines and boats!

Tyler was attempting to honk the horn here. 

Nathan's turn

Next it was onto the fire trucks.  Nathan was in LOVE!

Tyler's turn!

I was trying to get a similar photo to the one I took last year seen in this post...and this was as good as it got.   Goofy boys!

Blurry because Grant bumped me while taking it but I still think it is cute since Nathan has his fire hat on. :)

Another boat.  Nathan kept asking to go back into the boats. 

Two peas in a pod...or a boat.
And here...thanks to Jeanne...are Mom, Grant and I on the front page of the Missourian.
Doesn't Grant look really interested in the thermal imaging camera?