Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jenny & Aaron's Reception

My cousin Jenny got married a few weekend ago up in Minnesota.  I had made the decision not to cart the boys up there for the wedding since they were having a reception 20 minutes from our house the following weekend.  While I am sad I missed the actual wedding, I am so glad we got to see the whole family.  They had a reception out at Jenny's grandparent's farm.  Tyler LOVED it and I think you can tell from the photos.

Mom brought a quilt and we found a great spot under a tree. 

Tyler quickly noticed the Gator and had Popo take him for a ride. 

Sophie loved holding Nathan.

Grandma reading to Nathan.  I am convinced that my mom is part of the reason my boys love to read.  She is always reading to them.

Tyler and I had to take a little walk after he had a meltdown because someone else was driving the Gator and he could not go.  It would be a kinda sweet photo if you didn't know the reason for our walk.  Forget I said that first part about the meltdown. :)

Nathan and Grandma chilling in the shade.

I feel like I have a lot of these photos but I just think he is so cute, especially when he is sleeping.

Great-Grandpa and Popo

Daddy arrived after a hot day on the golf course and had to jump right on the Gator with Tyler.  Tyler was insistent that Popo came too.

Aunt Barb (Stroh) brought Tyler a beach ball and it was a hit.  We all ended up playing with it. :)

Aunt Barb (Zick) enjoyed giving Nathan a drink.  Julie and Ross, I think your mom might be ready for a grand baby... ;)

Kyle is always giving Tyler a hard time and knocking him over.  I hope Kyle has a boy so my boys can be just as rough with his...paybacks. :)  Let's be honest though, they probably won't take it too easy on a baby girl cousin either.  Poor Baby Zick...

Sorry Uncle Stu.  It is tough to relax with an almost 3 year old running around.

Tyler was finally wearing out.  I really wish I would have gotten a close up of his face as it was so sweaty and dirty from running around all day. his element...with a Budweiser.  The squinting makes me think he should have had his sunglasses on his eyes instead of his head.   Just sayin'...

"Mom, it's stuck."  We even had to take the key out because he had watched the Gator be started enough times that he knew what to do. 

Look at these two exactly in step with each other. 

I never even knew Tyler was climbing in someone's tent until I looked at the photos from my camera.  I think Julie took them.  Thanks, Julie!  I am so glad my family picks up my camera and captures shots that I miss!   It was such a welcome surprise!

I guess we are going to have to take Tyler "camping."  Does the back yard count?

Ross looks pretty comfortable with a drink and a baby.  I know Julie took this picture! :)

I forgot to mention that Stu and Barb put on a great party and we had lots of delicious food and beverages.  The desserts were some of my favorites.  (surprise, surprise!)  Barb's sister is a pastry chef at the Ritz so, as you can imagine, the desserts were amazing!

It is a little blurry as it was taken with my phone.  Just trust me, they were incredible. 

Congrats Jenny and Aaron! 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Field Trip Friday - Purina Farms

A few weeks ago, we spent a hot morning at Purina Farms.  A special thanks to Aunt Patty for coming along and braving the heat. 

Turning the dog food. (The balls are supposed to represent dog food.)

This picture is so very much Tyler. 
He would have stayed and played with this tractor and the corn all day if I would have let him. 

Yep, I am pretty sure that is poop of some kind on the bottom of his shoes.  Gross!

More corn.

We have a tractor like this in the garage for Tyler (with a trailer) but he has never shown much interest.  We go somewhere else and it is really cool.  I am sure someday he will play with the one we have at home.  I still vividly remember driving Kyle around in a car seat in the trailer (safety first!) in circles around the house when we were younger. 

We are going to have to get Tyler practicing for the pedal tractor pull at the fair in a few years too!

Tyler wanted to hop right in with the little pigs. 

Petting the bunny rabbit.

Patty and Nathan.

Sweet boy just sweating because his mommy brings him on these crazy field trips in 100 degree weather.  Poor Nathan!

Tyler clapping at the dog show.  It is pretty neat!

Thank goodness for Patty.  I don't know what I would do without her on our field trip days.  Also, this picture reminds me to be thankful for shade! :)

After sweating for a few hours it was back home to take naps and cool off.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drool Bucket

Nathan is my little drool bucket.

I expect a tooth to pop through any moment.  I know 4 months would be pretty early, but it is unreal the amount of drool this child can produce. 

He is very focused on playing and really grabbing at his toys now.  We will have to see how Tyler reacts to Nathan playing more.  Tyler already will take a toy from Nathan and say "my turn."  As if he doesn't have a hundred other things to play with.  Oh, the brotherly rivalry will be so fun...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random Pics

I have a bunch of random photos I wanted to share.
This is Tyler napping and I just think it is so cute how he sleeps with his hands under his head. 

Nathan was just chilling on the couch.  I cannot let him do this anymore as he rolls around now.

Nathan ready for church on a Sunday morning.  Thanks to Aunt Maggie and Uncle Kyle for the outfit.  We can hardly wait to find out if Baby Zick is a boy or a girl.  

Kyle took this photo of Nathan and I swinging at the park one afternoon. 

Another photo of Nathan before church one day.  I love this outfit and the hat cracks me up.  I think he looks like a little golfer.

Jeff taught Tyler Hey Good Lookin' and I had to video his singing to me one morning while I was making pancakes.  Don't you love how he uses the trash can as a drum?

We had a movie night this past Friday night and Tyler got a prime spot on the couch with his new Mizzou Tiger study pillow.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Francis.  He loves it!   In case you were wondering, we watched The Incredibles.