Sunday, November 27, 2011

Away in a Manager

I love natavity sets and have 4 I like to display during the holidays.  This year I saw the Little People version just for Tyler and just had to purchase it.   What a better way to teach him about the Christmas story!   I would love for him to understand that Christmas is so much more than Santa and new toys. 
We just got it out of the box today and put it in his room.  He has been playing with it all day. 
Don't you just love the motions he picked up after the first time we sang it? 

Potato Heads

I have been busy checking out Pinterest the last few if I need another website to check frequently.  It does have some cute fun ideas and it makes me want to be more crafty.  I saw a cute idea to make felt Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads as a quiet activity that we can take on the go with us. 

A no sew project too!  Just a few pieces of felt, some scissors and some craft glue for the eyes.  All of the other pieces are just placed there so Tyler can mix them up.  I can make more shoes, hats, mouths, etc. when the creativity strikes me.  I put all the pieces in a plastic bag with some picture taped on the front for inspiration.  I love the fun, quiet activity!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Messy Fest

Our usual Friday playgroup planned a "Messy Fest" this past week.  Tyler is not one to get his hands least not yet.  We went regardless as if someone was going to voluntarily allow my child to get messy, I was all for it.  We were told to have the kids wear "play clothes" aka clothes you didn't really care about. 
Tyler's favorite station was the pit of shredded paper. 

He was filling buckets and pouring it over his head. 

We stayed in the shredded paper area for quite some time...

There was another station with shaving cream that they could color with paints.  Tyler sat down, put one finger in the shaving cream and immediately wiped it on his shirt and got up.  Not interested.  For the rest of the kids, it was a pretty big hit...and VERY messy!

After the shaving cream incident, he wanted to sit and read a few books.  I love the fact that his favorite activity is reading.  We spend hours and hours reading books. 
His latest thing is spelling words everywhere we go.  
Side stories: When driving around town and pulling up to a stop sign he says "Stop Mommy.  S-T-O-P...octagon."  
At the dry cleaners the other day, he spelled "O-P-E-N" (from the sign near the door) and then asked "What's that spell?"  It is constant.  He will also tell me random letters "R-Q-U-P-T" and ask me
"whats that spell?"  I often have to think, but usually say "that is not a word, Tyler."  He cracks me up!

Back at playgroup, after a few books, he ventured over to the oatmeal table which was set up like a big sand table.  He was okay with this one too as his hands didn't get dirty or sticky. 

Messy playgroup was overall a success! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Hunting!

Tomorrow marks the start of Missouri rifle season for deer and it has always been a big deal in my family.  It is no exception for Jeff.  He left tonight to go up to the farm with my dad, my brother Kyle, my uncles Doug and Stu and family friend Kurt and his son Clayton.  Jeff packed last night while I went to the local high school play with Mom, Dad and GG.  When I left he was sharpening knives, packing ammo and all the gear that goes with hunting.  

Not only does Jeff rifle hunt, but this year he got a bow so he could hunt that season too and the day we found out we were having another boy, he got a black power gun which happens to be a whole different season.  Wow!  Sometimes my husband is so much like my dad, it is scary. 

Tyler had to change into his "camo" to celebrate the start of hunting season (I know it is really tomorrow but we are headed to the Mizzou game so his attire is already decided).  :)

Daddy and Tyler.
The camo is subtle but Tyler has a full camo jacket too.  Daddy had all of his camo packed.

I can only image in a few years, all my boys will be going hunting. 
I have been hunting before but it might turn into a quality me/shopping weekend.  Ahhh...

Everyone pitches in and brings food/drink to deer camp. 
This was Jeff's assignment - two coolers just like this one...full of Buds.   

Good luck this weekend, hunters!  Be safe!


We had an exciting moring today.  Great-grandma, "GG," (my grandma) volunteers 4 days a week at local elementary schools and she asked us for our "help" today as she was having 6 classes of 1st and 2nd graders make ornaments and paper chains for a Christmas tree she is decorating for the churches Festival of Trees.  Tyler was excited this morning to "go to school."

Tyler sat nicely with the first class while they waited patiently to start their crafts.

Tyler loved sitting and coloring with the other kids. 

In between classes, he enjoyed a few goldfish as a snack. 

GG sitting with part of the class working on the paper chains. 
It got a bit messy with the glitter glue...maybe not glitter glue next time with 1st graders.

The kids having a blast working on their crafts.

Tyler fit right in sitting and reading books. 
He impressed the kids by knowing all his letters and his love for books. 

In the car afterwards Tyler told me "girls reading at school."  
Might have had something to do with the girls waiting to have a turn to read to him. 

He loved the book nook.

This photo demonstrates one of the many reasons why I would not be an good elementry school teacher...2nd grader picking her nose.  Ugh, gross! 
Also, my patience was worn out after just 3 hours.  I have so much respect for those who work with classrooms of kiddos. 
My number one problem would be wanting to take too many of them home. 
Grandma is great with the kids and loves going to the classrooms.  Secretly, I think she was excited to introduce Tyler to her students.

It was a great morning at school and I love that Tyler is excited go back...just not yet.  He is still my baby! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We managed to have a Happy Halloween despite having a sick two year old.  He had a fever all weekend long, just broke it today and now has more two year molars coming in. 

We were excited to carve pumpkins, thinking Tyler would enjoy helping this year...
Jeff busy carving.  He looks intense, eh?

We asked Tyler if he wanted to help.  Nope.  Books and "Woody and Buzz" were his requests.  Meanwhile, Jeff and I had a mini date night carving pumpkins together. 

Here are the finished products.
Yes, we used stencils.  It was fun though!

I even got a bit "Becky Home-ecky" and roasted the pumpkin seeds. 
This is the before shot.  I had put the camera away by the time they were finished roasting. 
They are a tasty fall snack.

Tyler woke up on Monday with a temperature of 104 telling me "I sick....trick or treat." 
He knew he didn't feel well, but he still wanted to trick or treat.
We went trick or treating with some friends, Jay, Sarah and Carter.
Thank goodness for Advil so the fever was down for a few hours. 
At one point Tyler said "this so fun!" and then 30 minutes later was ready to go home. 

Jeff was great walking up to the houses with him. 
Funny story: At one house, Tyler rang the door bell and an older man with a creepy mask opened the door and then the storm door.  Tyler started to say "trick or ...." then saw the mask, said "no," closed the storm door and turned around to walk to the next house.  He didn't seem scared, but was not willing to do his "trick" for this guy.  The old man felt bad, but Jeff and I thought it was too funny.  Tyler's trick of the night was Jeff would say "M-I-Z" and Tyler would finish with "Z-O-U."  It was pretty cute!

Daddy and his Tiger.

Mommy and Tyler just before bedtime...for both of us! :)