Monday, April 7, 2014

Tyler's Spring School Photos

Little Rascals does both fall and spring photos.  I thought it was a bit unnecessary and after his first school photo in September you can see here I had low expectations. 
We were pleasantly surprised this time around.
I took a picture of the picture hence the glare in the upper left hand corner. 
We did pay for the photos so I didn't feel bad taking a picture of the picture.

I think he looks so grown up in this one.  I intended for his shirt to stay tucked in and it was when I dropped him off at school, but it he is a 4 year old boy.  What was I thinking?

He looks a bit unsure here but still better than the photo in September. 

The class photos are a favorite keepsake of mine. 
I think my mom and dad still have my class photos from Little Rascals. 
Tyler likes to name all the kids in his class from this picture so I thought I would document them for future reference. :)
Row 1: Wade, Sarah, Dillon, Annalise, Lexi, Autumn, Gabe
Row 2: Jonathan, Baya, Olivia, Sophia
Row 3: Tyler, Nathan (ironic that those two names are next to each other, eh?), Avery, Ollie, Cora, Ella H., Andrew
Row 4: Ella L. Natalie, Kalem, Nate, Max, Landon, Jackson
Row 5: Stella, Leah, Kirsten

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  1. So glad there aren't any Owens or Amelias. I swear I hear their names called at every play ground! This is a good name shopping reference for our #3! (yet to be conceived)