Thursday, May 1, 2014

Random April photos

I have a whole lot of random photos to share.  These are not in any particular order. 

Okay, I think this photo was actually from March - Grant was watching the NCAA basketball tournament.  

We went out to eat one Friday night and this sweet little girl out ate everyone.  My dad even took food away from her...which I have NEVER seen him do...for ANYONE!  

These three snuggled up watching morning cartoons 

Story time at the library was all about food and this was the craft.  Nathan didn't want to take his pizza off to get into the car seat of the car...that was fun! 

This guy loves to drink the milk out of his cereal bowl.  

Grant is content watching meal time from his high chair these days.  

Grant loves this little driver, sing songy toy.  It is fun now that he is starting to play with toys. I am not sure how thrilled his brothers will be when he starts moving and getting into their stuff.  

A car load of kiddos at Sonic waiting for our slushes.  

Grant is such a happy baby...allergies or maybe just tired and rubbing his eyes and all. 

These two are really playing well together lately; even sharing toys in the tub!  

My Cardinal hat is a bit too big still but will be perfect this summer. 

Ready for Cardinal Day at pre-school. 

Nathan had to wear a Cardinal sweatshirt too - just like Tyler.  Notice his umbrella - Tyler got in trouble for swinging it around and Nathan sucked it right up and wouldn't let go.  

Our own little baseball team! 

Grant loves his Bumbo!  The tray helps keep him occupied with some toys for about 30 seconds before he knocks them all off. 

Another bath photo - this night they were using the bubbles to make beards (that was at least what they were attempting to do) and pretending to be Santa.  




This has started. 
 Nathan likes to go potty when Tyler has to go potty and almost always before bath time.  I really should work with him to get it down since he is interested.  I just haven't geared myself up for it yet.  

We were doing some random shopping and the boys were troopers so I let them pick where they wanted to eat.  Seriously...McDonalds?  Nathan obviously enjoyed it.  

Biggest baby hands EVER!  So sweet though.  Doesn't he have the most perfect lips?  

Nathan selfie. 

Grant grew out of his baby bath tub some time ago and has been chillin' in this seat in the tub for some time now. 

Have I mentioned what a messy eater Nathan is.  It is usually just easier to undress him to eat that it is to try and keep him clean.  

Okay, this post is long enough...still plenty of random photos left for another post later on. 

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