Friday, January 3, 2014

Grant: 1 MONTH

Grant turned 1 month already and already I am way behind.  I am going to use the excuse of Christmas and hopefully I will be better in coming months, but no promises. 
It was difficult (on my own I might add) to get this little man situated to sit up, look at the camera and take the picture but I managed to get a few.  Grant is just starting to get a little belly on him.

It is exhausting to take photos with mom.
He still naps in between every feeding which occurs ever 3 or so hours during the day.  At night we have made it as long as 6 hours, but 4-5 hours has been more regular at night.  Luckily, he has been awesome to go back to sleep promptly after nursing at night.  I will take it!

Grant has lost a lot of hair on the top of his head.  It is not a hairdo I hope he repeats later on in life but he seems to make it cute nonetheless.  ;)

His big head is hard to hold up. 

He had a bit of baby acne for two weeks but then it cleared up. 

Working on a smile...
We did get several smiles by the 1 month mark, usually in the evening when he is most awake between 7-9pm. 

"Are you really still looking at all these photos my mom took?" ;)

His big brown eyes just melt our hearts. 

Finally, there is a glimpse of the his little dimple.   LOVE!
Overall, we have adjusted nicely to a family of five. 
Funny story: Tyler was counting our family members earlier this week and said "Mom, I love that there are 5 of us!"  That prompted me to ask the question "How many of our family do you think there should be total?"  Tyler's answer: "Seven!"  Jeff promptly chuckled and said "I don't think so..."
It is hard to believe the time is flying by so quickly.  I just love the newborn baby stage and cuddling the sweet little man.  Jeff often has to tell me "Ali, he is sleeping so go put him down in his bed."

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