Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013: Part 1

We are going to break all the Christmas festivities into several posts.  We had a total of FIVE Christmas celebrations.  My mom and dad were nice enough to schedule our immediate family Christmas the Sunday before the big day to spread it out a bit.
Tyler opened books first and was content for a bit.  This child LOVES to read so much and it is evident by the amount of books he received for Christmas!  I have said it before and I will say it again, we might have more books in our little house than his kindergarten classroom will have.  They are EVERYWHERE and I love it! 

Kyle and Grant got some good bonding time in during the celebration. 

Nathan was into ripping open gifts this year.  The boys LOVE their easel from Kyle, Maggie and Hadley! 

Hadley is quite the fun, sassy little girl and we enjoy not only living so close to them but also to be able to celebrate holidays too.  We look forward to Hadley's new sibling set to arrive in July! 

I hope that Grant and the new Zick baby are as close and sweet as Nathan and Hadley usually are to each other.
Tyler got a cool car that travels on any black line that you draw.  I was skeptical but it really does work and it is pretty neat! 

Mom and dad with their 4 grandkids! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Kyle and Maggie for a great Christmas!

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