Friday, January 31, 2014

MLK Day at the Zoo!

Great Aunt Susan called us on the Sunday before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and said she and Zach usually try to do a special day out including breakfast and they invited us to join them!  Yay! 
It was decent weather with highs in the 50s which is pretty nice for January. 
We started out our morning at IHOP.  Tyler is a pancake fanatic so it was a great choice for him.  Nathan is not a huge breakfast eater but was intrigued with the different syrup flavors. 
Next it was off to the zoo!
I am pretty sure our boys crawl through this log EVERY TIME we go to the zoo. 

Nathan carries his basketball EVERYWHERE with him and often even sleeps with his ball. 
Notice his coat unzipped - he loves to "zip" too.

Checking out the snakes with GG.

Check out this 2012 zoo blog post here to see how much Tyler has grown compared to this similar photo next to the snake. 

The elephants (and their poop) are always a highlight.

Nathan was checking out some big lizard (I am sure that was what was on the sign: "big lizard") with Aunt Susan.

GG and Nathan took a break and got to roll the ball back and forth.  A boy and his ball.
We were starting to wear down and Grant finally woke up and wanted to eat (he went 5 hours in between feedings!) so we took a break, got a drink and snack, mommy nursed Grant and then we were ready for naps. 

This cat was sleepy too.  Nap time for all...except mom who had to drive home.  :)
Thanks for inviting us to the zoo, Susan and Zach!  And thanks for joining us, GG!

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  1. You've been a blogging machine! So glad you got to enjoy that ONE nice day in January... =)