Friday, January 10, 2014

Church Christmas Program

Sunday, December 22, was the Children's Christmas program at church.

Tyler was pretty excited and didn't mind wearing his sheep hat at all. 
We had been taking Tyler to church 1 hour early several weeks prior to his performance to practice with the Rainbow Bells.  Each child gets two bells and when Pastor Leah holds up their color card they ring their bell.  They played two songs and were pretty impressive.   
Tyler really got into playing the bells and thinks he can now play with Grandma, GG, Aunt Susan and Aunt Patty on the big bells.  I am not so sure they are ready for Tyler in the big bell choir yet but he sure has fun with his Rainbow Bell group.
Thanks to Aunt Jeanne for several of the photos!  

Next it was onto the Christmas story.
Tyler took his little friend, Miles, under his wing during the performance.  They were hamming it up!

I think this one is pretty cute.

Yep, you might have noticed in the earlier photos that Grant got to play the starring role of Baby Jesus.  That meant I was first pick for the role of Mary - lucky me!  Jeff elected NOT to play Joseph so Dr. Sincox filled in the role.  Jeff was not concerned about my fill in husband at all since Dr. Sincox is bit older that I am.  ;)  He was the doctor that helped deliver both Kyle and I into the world.
GG was the director of the Christmas program again this year and it was a great success! 
Tyler had a HUGE crowd of family in attendance!  Thanks, everyone!

Jeff was able to get another photo from the balcony as the sheep and shepherds exited church (meaning Nathan was sitting still!). 
We love that our church encourages children participation so much and the kids did a wonderful job of reminding us of the true reason for the season!  

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  1. I'm LOVING the sheep hats! And your fill in husband. Haha. I'm laughing out loud =)