Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tyler's basketball season

Tyler played basketball earlier this winter right after his soccer season.  Basketball was...tough for me to watch.  I understand Tyler is only 4, but let's just say we have lots of room for improvement.  Most of the other kids on his team were at the same skill level.  They worked on learning how to dribble, shoot properly and play defense.  It was a bit different from our games of Little Tikes hoops in the playroom or outside.  The YMCA had the kids use the same size basketballs I used playing girls basketball in high school.  A smaller size basketball might have helped.  Either way, it was a great experience for Tyler. 

A picture of his basketball picture from this season. 

Tyler looks pretty clueless in his team photo. 
Thanks to my mom for taking Tyler to practice and for photo day this week as we were in the hospital after Grant was born.  Yes, this photo is from Nov. 16.  #blogdelays


  1. I love that Tyler plays sports with the Y! And I love his big cheesy grin. Do you have to be members of the Y?