Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grant: 2 MONTHS

Time is flying by and Grant is already 2 months old! 
He is SUCH a good baby! 
He has gotten SO much bigger in just the last month.  He has lost the newborn look and looks much to me.  I am not sure of a better way to describe it. 

I love all his little expressions.

Whoa, mom!  How many times are you going to flash that thing in my face?

I just love little baby toes.  We made an ornament for Grant's first Christmas with an imprint of his foot that Aunt Jenny gave him for Christmas.  I love it!  

We are getting these big grins quite often these days and I could not love them more!
Grant is still eating great.  We go to the doctor next week to get an update on his weight.  He is still nursing exclusively and I hope to continue to provide all his food even when I start to slowly ease back into a work schedule early/mid February. 
Sleep is going well too.  Six hours has become much more the norm at night and I think we will be at 7-8 hours in the coming weeks.  I told you he was a good baby!  (Knock on wood). 
Other activities that Grant enjoys include laying on his play mat while looking at the flashing lights and mirror that are attached.  He loves to watch his brothers play and have people talk to him.  He also LOVES to stand, meaning he puts weight on his legs.  Yikes!  Nathan loved to do the same thing and he was taking his first steps at 7.5 months.  I am still hoping Grant is going to be more...chill.  We shall see!  

How could you not love this sweet face? 

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