Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas 2013: Part 3

I know I am STILL posting about Christmas!  It is obviously a BIG holiday for our family!
Part 3 of Christmas took place at my Grandma and Grandpa Wood's house.
I will let the multiple photos tell the story. 
Nathan immediately got a muffin when we arrived.  He didn't even bother to take off the paper.  After I took this photo, I did remove the paper for him.

The front room at GGs is FULL! 

Nathan was ready to rip open some presents. 

A new book!  Thanks, Aunt Patty. We have read this one several times already. 

I love this smile. 

Nathan wanted this tractor out of the box immediately! 
Why do they make toys so difficult to get out of box?  You have to have three tools with you at all times on Christmas morning just to get things out of the box.  Sorry, end rant!

More of the Wood family Christmas chaos.  Grandpa is always in charge of the trash bag.  Maggie was trying diligently to keep Hadley's Christmas bow in her hair. 

Krista looks a bit overwhelmed by the whole process. 

Megan's boyfriend, Lewis, experienced his first Wood Family Christmas.  He was a trooper.  He, Megan and Kasey also babysat all three boys the following Saturday for us while Jeff and I got to attend a wedding reception.  Thanks, guys!

Finally able to play with the new tractor!

Tyler opened a new book too!

Kasey and Megan

Notice Steve in the background.  My caption for him is "Dang, this beer is gone already!"

Maggie is still working on Hadley's bow, minutes later! ;)  

A new bowling set from GG.  Thankful for our rule that it gets to stay at her house!  Tyler was VERY excited and last week it kept him very busy at GGs when he visited on Tuesday with Aunt Sandy.

This head massager went around the room and was quite a hit!

Tyler wanted to help Hadley open her presents and she wanted nothing to do with it.  I don't blame you, Hadley. 
Nathan was very tickled by the head massager. 

I am not sure if Nathan is yawning or licking his zipper.  Nathan loves the texture of zippers so I often find him licking his coat zippers - gross!

Hadley appears to be practicing her big sister techniques on her baby doll.  Maggie appears concerned.  :)

I don't think Steve is really eating paper in this photo.  I believe it is paper flying from across the room in an attempt to make it in the trash bag.  Poor Maggie, I am sure got pelted a few times.  

Dad excited about new books while my mom has another drink from her beer.  Did I mention this "event" starts at 11 AM? ;)

This family reads a LOT!

Bow still in tact.

Kasey and the gift of the day, the head massager!  I really need to remember to pick one up next time I am at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Maybe I can get Tyler and/or Nathan to give me a massage every once in awhile. ;)

Anna reading to Nathan.  My boys love family events because they can ALWAYS find someone to read to them. 

Grant was a bit hot when I changed his diaper from all the activity so I left his pants off.  Hey, it's family!

Nathan making up some words to one of his new books.  Anna has the look that she doesn't quite understand. 
If you are still reading/looking, kudos to you for hanging in there through ALL those photos.  Thanks to Jeanne for grabbing my camera and taking most of them.  I love it when people take my camera.  It is always such a fun surprise for me when I upload photos.   Christmas 2013: Part 4 (of 5) coming soon! :)

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