Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2013: Part 4

Our fourth Christmas celebration was at Jeff's parent's house.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal, Tyler took a nap and we exchanged gifts. 

This guy did NOT take a nap.  When I suggested it this was one of the faces I got.  "Yeah, right mom!  I am not going to miss a thing today!"

"I am ready to open some presents!"

Yep, Grant was still in his jammies.  I brought him the obligatory 1st Christmas shirt but I thought that if I could stay in my PJs all day on Christmas, I would so why shouldn't my newborn?  Your welcome, Grant. ;)

I love this photo of Nathan checking out Grandma and Popo's big tree and all the presents.  These kids are not spoiled at all (insert sarcasm here)!

Merry 1st Christmas, sweet baby!

Tyler finally woke up and the gifts started!  Nathan wanted help from Popo.

A new tractor!  Yes!

Nathan showing off some new toys to Aunt Jenny.

Matthew was into the gift opening this year too!

Love this little guy.

Matthew got a new car and Nathan was helping him out (once we got Nathan out of it).

Tyler's turn to push Matthew! 
I cannot believe I didn't get any photos of Greg and Abbey.
It was another amazing Christmas celebration together.  We are so blessed!

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