Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013: Part 2 (Home)

Part 2 of our  Christmas meant we got to spend Christmas morning just the 5 of us opening gifts from each other and Santa.  It was so much fun! 

Ready for Christmas morning!
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
I was so excited I was able to get Grant's up there this year too.  I think our fireplace looks perfect with five stockings!

 Santa left a note and ate the cookies Tyler and Grandma made. 

Here is a video of the start to our Christmas morning present opening. 
Tyler was pretty excited about his new bike. 
I don't think the video does his excitement justice. 

Tyler was excited about his Scooby Doo shirt.

Nathan got some new Mizzou gear.

Tyler helped open presents for Grant.  So generous of him! ;)
Tyler got some new Mizzou gear too.  Santa has excellent taste in college teams!

A new remote control car.  Santa brought different ones for Tyler and Nathan but we have two to minimize the fights. 

New Mercer Mayer books - Tyler's favorites!  I don't know what 4 year old requests books by the author...crazy kid.
I love the sweet photos of Tyler talking to Grant.

Nathan's remote control car.

Thomas + book = pure happiness

Merry 1st Christmas, Grant!

Nathan wanted in on the action of having a sweet moment with Grant on Christmas morning.  

The Lincoln Log container was more of a drum set on Christmas morning.

Trying out some gummy bears from his stocking.
One of the most exciting gifts the boys received was a train table that Jeff built for the playroom.
Nathan obviously loves it!

I love all the storage underneath.  I still want/need to purchase coordinating storage bins. 

You can hear Tyler constantly making up Thomas related stories with all the characters.  I love listening while pretending not to (he makes up the best ones when he doesn't think I am listening). 

I also love that Jeff built it big enough for both (soon all three) boys to play on it with enough space to avoid too many arguments.  We also intend someday that it will turn into a Lego table covered with the green Lego pad squares. 
I think it is so special to have a gift that they treasure so much handmade by their awesome dad! 
After presents were open we had time for a few more photos before it was time to get ready and head off to our next stop.   
This is pretty accurate photo of usual day to day happenings - three boys who constantly need/want my attention.  Tyler has a book, Nathan was eating gummy bears from his stocking for breakfast (hey, it was Christmas) and Grant is just hanging on for the ride.  I am exhausted and look like a wreck while my house has been torn apart.  LOVE!   

This was our attempt at a Christmas morning brother photo.  You see how well that went...

Nathan started whining.

So then we tried for everyone crying on Christmas morning.  Two out of three isn't bad.  We could only get Tyler to yell.  :)

Cheers to many more crazy Christmases to come! 
We are thankful to all be together, healthy and feel very blessed!

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