Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Our Christmas Eve was very fun!  My mom and dad were nice enough to have us over Christmas Eve night so we could enjoy Christmas morning at our house and spread out the Christmas craziness.  
Tyler gave Grandma a big hug to start to open presents.  He had been waiting all day and ever since Christmas has asked EVERY day when he can open more presents. 

Our little Nathan was even into opening gifts for a bit this year.  Christmas is so fun with kiddos! :)

Nathan even wanted in on the wine!

Ahhh...Jake and the Neverland pirates ship, Buckey!   Very cool, Grandma!
I am so so glad we made the rule that toys that Grandmas purchase stay at their house. 

Playing with everything on the ship before it was even out of the box.

Grandma and Popo know the way to Nathan's heart too - a new ball!

Nut head!

Uncle Kyle and Hadley had different Christmas Eve expressions.

Tyler has to check out ALL of Nathan's presents. 
Aunt Maggie and Uncle Kyle got the boys these adorable backpacks.  Nathan had his on and didn't even notice.  He is ready for school! 

Okay, he might have to lose the bottle before he can go to school.  I have to get him using a sippy cup more often as it looks very odd to have a walking kiddo holding a bottle. 

Sweet cheeks Hadley was not too into Christmas.  Just wait until next year, Hadley! 

Popo made Tyler a very cool present.  A house out of a giant box.  Tyler loved it and played with it in the garage because it wouldn't fit in the door of the house. 

In his church clothes on the garage floor...perfect!

See you guys later.

We tried a cousins photo and this was as good as it got.  It does show their personalities though.   Tyler was over it before it even started and refused to smile.  Hadley was pretty expressionless but very still and calm.  Nathan was the little terror that wouldn't sit still for a second. 

I couldn't resit posting the photos of Tyler putting his hand in his pants.  Man, he is going to kill me when he is older for keeping these photos.  Tyler, you are all boy! 
I love this photo of Tyler and Hadley.  I think my boys are going to be very protective of Hadley when they all get older. 
Our attempt at a sibling photo.
Tyler was still not wanting anything to do with photos.  It was the presents are opened, sugar let down.  Nathan was just getting started. 
Ready, go!
They sure do keep us on our toes! 
It was a wonderful night of food, gifts and family.  We went to the Christmas Eve church service afterwards.  Daddy and Tyler enjoyed my favorite part - singing Silent Night with the candlelit filled church.  Nathan and I were watching on from the back of the balcony at church with Kyle and Hadley as Nathan and Hadley were two very tired babies. 
Luckily our boys went home and slept like champs so that Santa could come to our house...many more Christmas posts and photos to come!

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  1. What a great night! I love the pics of the kids... especially Hadley's cheeks, Tyler's hands down below, and Nathan's craziness! I can't believe you got the kiddos to church.. and had lit candles. I didn't trust myself with a candle and a baby =)