Monday, December 3, 2012

Searching for our Christmas Tree

Jeff and I both had real trees in our houses growing up and loved it.  We both remember going to find the perfect tree, cutting it down and bringing it home.  We wanted to start that tradition with our boys and this year seemed as good a year as any. 
We had a perfect weekend to do so this past weekend.  Off to Heritage Valley Tree Farm we went.
My boys off to find the perfect tree. 
As you can see there were a lot of little you can imagine, the drought this summer had an impact on the tree growth. 

I loved the feeling of finding our Christmas tree at a family owned farm for over 100 years.

Tyler got a bit bored searching for the perfect tree and the tree sled was the perfect mode of transportation. :)


Happy boy! 
These are the memories Jeff and I were hoping for!

Still searching...

Getting closer...(and impatient)

Mom and Nathan enjoyed the perfect weather too. 
I had a lot of gear - a baby and a camera bag. 

Daddy started sawing.

Then Tyler went to work.  He did a great job cutting down our Christmas tree.
My boys and our little tree.

Tyler took a lot of ownership in our Christmas tree and wanted to help drag it back.


Muscle man!

Headed for home to put the tree up. 
We had such a good time.  I am positive we started a tradition that is here to stay.
I will be sure to post photos soon of our little decorated tree.  It makes our house smell amazing too!

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  1. Adorable photos! We actually cut ours down from there, too!I almost called, but we were with the whole extended fam.