Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Morning 2012

Christmas morning was so much fun this year with the anticipation of Santa's arrival. 
We were able to capture a glimpse of Santa's work before the boys woke up. 

The stockings were hung (and filled) by the chimney with care. 

Santa left a note, ate the cookies, drank the milk and gave the food to the reindeer. 

Tyler was so excited about the "new car" Santa brought. 

Even Nathan was excited!

Of course I was not able to capture both boys looking up at the same time.

When Tyler decided to go for some of the other presents and Nathan went to check out the drivers seat of the car.  I love his curiosity...most of the time.  

New toys!

Nathan was more into opening/eating the presents than I thought he would be. 

Look, Dad, I did it!

Tyler was a pro at opening gifts.  He opened most of the gifts under the tree. 

Grandma and Popo Zick arrived to watch Tyler finish unwrapping the gifts from his stocking. 
Then we had to go outside to check out the car and let Tyler attempt to drive.  Watch out!  Tyler is not a great driver yet as Christmas morning he would either floor the gas or steer the car but not both at the same time...which is pretty key to driving. 

The new car is pretty cool and will be really fun when it warms up a bit outside. 
I am not sure who was more excited - Jeff or the boys! 
Jeff and I joked that we never had a Power Wheel and always wanted one when we were little.  Yes, we are vicariously living out our toy dreams through our kids.  :)

While Nathan was napping and Daddy was getting ready for the rest of our Christmas Day chaos, Tyler and I snapped a photo with the self timer on the camera.  It is one of my favorite photos of us. 
Christmas is so awesome with our kids!  We feel truly blessed. 
More Christmas photos to come. 

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