Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Singing Tyler

Tyler has his Christmas program at church this coming weekend.  The preschool class sings Away in the Manger and has every year since before I was in preschool. 
Tyler found his microphone the other day and I was able to capture his rendition on video.  This is not how he has sung it the past two weeks at church...at all.  At church he stands there quietly with his head down and sings.  Who knows what Tyler we will get this week in church? 
Tyler loves to sing and his favorite show recently has been The Voice which he sings the intro "This is the BOYS"  :) 
These are some photos of him watching The Voice last night - he gets pretty into it. 
He is using a "microphone" from his doctor kit. 
Every good doctor needs a microphone in their bag, right? 
Silly boy! 


  1. I love how he takes a bow at the end :) Too funny! He's gotten better since the last time I heard his rendition.

  2. awesome video! he and coop could start the next boy band :) cute, cute Christmas card!!