Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introducing our Elf on the Shelf, Red!

We thought Tyler might actually get into Elf on the Shelf this year.  We were correct.  Tyler looks for Red every morning when he wakes up.

For those who are not familiar, Elf on the Shelf is the way that Santa really knows who is naughty or nice.  Tyler named our elf, Red...real original. :)  Red reports to Santa each night with a behavior report for the day.  Each morning after Red has returned from the North Pole, he rests in a different place.  Tyler is not supposed to touch Red as he could lose his magic.  Red cannot talk to the kids but Tyler is encouraged to tell Red what he wants for Christmas from Santa.  I have been having a lot of fun with it and Tyler wakes up most mornings wanting to know where Red and the search begins. 
These are some the things we have found Red doing:
Nov. 25: Red was hiding with the animals.

Nov. 26: Red was taking a nap in the Kleenex box in the living room. 

Nov. 27: Red was rocking Baby Jesus. 
This did not make Tyler happy.  Tyler told Red "You don't get Baby Jesus"

"Baby Jesus goes here with Mary and Joseph" Tyler said, as he put Baby Jesus in the manger. 
I thought it was pretty cute that he was so protective over Baby Jesus. 

Nov. 28: Red was doing flips from the ceiling fan in Tyler's room.

Nov. 29: Red was brushing his teeth.  (I suggested Red be in a spot that was already part of our morning routine as we had been running late the previous two mornings because we had to search for Red.) 

Nov. 30:  Red was enjoying some popcorn while watching TV.
Dec. 1: Red was reading Tyler's animals a Santa story and Tyler sat down and started playing.  Red sure knows the way to Tyler's heart...through books. 
I will keep you updated on future Red sightings.  I am hoping that the behavior continues to improve.  I would say that since Red has come to our house, Tyler's trips to the corner have been reduced by 50%!  Great job, Red!  Hopefully Santa is getting the good news! ;)

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