Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elf on the Shelf, Part 2

Red, our elf, has not been forgotten.  See the introductory post here. Tyler searches for him every morning.  Thankfully, between Jeff and I, we have remembered to make sure Red has found a new hiding spot.  I have not been as thorough at photographing his shenanigans. 
Here are a few:
Hiding in the Christmas tree.

In Tyler's stocking.

On the Christmas card wreath before it was filled up with cards. 
The envelope Red was holding had magic seeds (sprinkles) with a note that instructed Tyler to plant the magic seeds in sugar and wait two days. 

Preparing the sugar... plant his "seeds."

Red was up hiding above the cabinets. 
Look what the magic seeds and sugar turned into! 
Thank you Schultes Bakery! ;) 

Red was a bit lazy and called Santa.

When I asked Tyler what Red was doing this morning, Tyler exclaimed that he was getting ready to have pancakes! 

Red got a bit crazy with Tyler's precious Curious George. 
I think George looks a bit Amish. Ha!
Another adventure Red had included taking a bubble bath in marshmallows. 
Tyler didn't quite get it. :(

We are also doing our 12 books of Christmas (all Christmas themed books) this year and Tyler loves picking a number out of the bowl and finding his book for the night.  I rewrapped a lot of the Christmas books I had from last year but I think he may remember if I want to do it next year. 

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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE the 'planting the seeds in sugar' idea. Can't wait for O to enjoy these fun things, too!